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Kitilii is located in Finland and has been a SingSnap member since October 30, 2010. He has a total of 37 public recordings that have been viewed 9,341 times and 140 achievement points.

Merry Christmas ! O HOLY NIGHT :

Hi, I'm young 50 years old woman from Finland ;))

I'm glad to find this page where I can watch and listen so many good singers and so kind persons!

Jesus is my Lord and I hope everybody could find Him
Thank you for visting my page and God bless you all <3**********************************************************************************
This is NOT duett with Lilly She kindly recorded this and I'm so thankful to her
The first one is my own song (melody and lyrics) and it's comfort song to those who have lost them love ones...In english it could be "The Wing of the Angel.

Here is free translation to the song:
(not the words you can use for singing it...)

(refrain): Sweet wing of angel shields you
when you are in darkness.
Don't be afraid now,
even you are deceived in the night,
Our Father in heaven will send you his comfort.

1.When you have too heavy burden
to manage your self,
He will send a friend beside you.

2.When you get great mourning here,
so Father in heaven is near you
and ready to help you.

3.If you long for your life
something continual stronghold,
remember there is Jesus,
who is always willing to take your burden away.