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KellyHarts' real name is Kelly Hartsfield. Kelly is 49 years old, is located in Texas / USA and has been a SingSnap member since February 7, 2016. She has a total of 1,961 public recordings that have been viewed 115,793 times and 488 achievement points.


"Music is in your blood". I heard that quote from my Mom all of my childhood, but didn't really understand what she meant. I was adopted at six years old, by my step father. He told us that he was mean, rotten, cruel, and evil. He lived up to it, until his last 20 years in life.

I remember dreaming that my "birth" dad would one day come and rescue me from the abusive home that I was raised in. That never happened. However, God did rescue me... saved me when I was 14 and gave me a whole new outlook on life. Though the situation at home got worse before it got better, just knowing that Jesus was right there with me made all the difference in the world to me.

My parents went through a bitter divorce when I was 17. I married young, at 19.... a minister, someone who I thought was completely opposite of my stepdad. I then began looking for my birth dad, only to find that he had passed away on my 21st birthday. I gave up hope... of ever meeting him or any part of that side of my family. Next, LIFE happened.

I'm a high school Mathematics Teacher with a Master's degree in Education. I have two beautiful daughters that love to sing as well. Who knows, maybe they will join SS one day I was married for 22 years to their dad, single now for the past 7 years, and enjoying every day of my life. Along with singing, I love to write songs, play/teach the piano, attend singing school in MS every summer, swim, shoot guns, learn new things, and travel.

In January 2016, my step-dad passed away . My mom gave me a list of my birth dad's six brothers and some of their children's names that she could remember. My dad and his brothers used to travel and sing together in a band. "Music in my blood" finally started to make sense. I began searching through facebook for some of the names. On Donna Jean Hartsfield's page I saw a notice that she was searching for her long lost cousin, Patricia Kelly Peavey. Well, thanks to meeting Donna, I'm now a member of the Singsnap community. In turn, I've gotten my baby sister, Amanda Shiller hooked too

I got to spend Father's Day weekend 2016, with Donna Jean, her dad/my Uncle Stepper, Aunt, and my Aunt's mom. I can't tell you what that weekend did for me. A part of my life was restored that had been missing for decades. My cousin Donna Jean even gifted me with my Dad's acoustic guitar from 1972, the year I was born. What a treasure (both my cousin and the guitar)! I'm learning to play the guitar on the very one strummed by my Dad's own hands View my SS video Desperado to see the guitar! Thanks to meeting my cousin, Donna Jean, I'm now singing at different Opry's and Jamborees across Texas and Oklahoma!

Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to sign my guestbook. I'd love to hear from ya... maybe sing a duet. Remember that Difficult Roads Often Lead To Beautiful Destinations. God Bless you as I hope you enjoy your time here in SS and your journey in life!


Favorite Verse: I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13