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kandersongb is located in USA and has been a SingSnap member since January 8, 2007. She has a total of 256 public recordings that have been viewed 19,389 times and 561 achievement points.

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Thank You so much for taking the time to listen!!I enjoy singing & listening to others sing!! I have made so many friends on here!! God Bless each & everyone!:))

<!----------- Hi my name is Karen!! I have loved music all my life I was born into music!! I guess you could say music's in my blood!! I have made so many wonderful friend's on here throughout the years since I started sing snap in 2007!! Some of my friends have passed away!! Some left sing snap!! I treasure my friends their like family to me!! I have made a few new friends also!! Everyone is special!! Lately I've been having people coming to my site that have no songs on their site!! They want to know information about me!! Everything they need to know is on my profile page & the songs I sing!! I love doing duet's!! I'm not in chat room's!! I don't do contests!!! I did when I first started sing snap!! It's just not for me!! I love to listen to all music!! I know like any site there are people that try to make others feel less important!! Everyone is important!!Making fun of people is a bad habit that just should not be!! Everyone is different in their own way!!Like I said I like all music!! I've always told my Children!! You can only control what you say & do!! Laugh when you can!! Apologize when you should!! And let go what you can't change!! Forgive quickly!! Take chances!! Give life everything with no regrets!!Love with your whole heart!! Be a giver not a taker!! B e kind to everyone even when their not kind to you!! Be the best you can be!! Be happy life is too short! Sing!! Sing!! Sing! God bless:) Karen

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Someone asked why I wear hats when I sing!! I just love hats I wore them on the farm kept the sun from my face!! That's about it!:)