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kakaiti is located in Australia and has been a SingSnap member since May 20, 2007. He has a total of 181 public recordings that have been viewed 24,660 times and 208 achievement points.

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6 years ago i had one of my many long long surgeries for cancer.i had the head surgeon . he said i shouldn't be here because everything that could go wrong throughout the surgery did go wrong and i died on the operating table for over five minutes.he even told me later that when he was giving a speech to my family that he wasnt sure that even though id survived i wouldn't have brain damage tho he didn't tell them that at the time. Everytime i meet that doctor since he always shakes my hand .he said im his miracle of his lifetime .i sure believe someone had a hand in it. A nurse said to me after you are ment to be here for a reason you just haven't found it yet. Speak of angels
Even tho ive always believed in god and loved singing. Spreading his love through song and music i believe it is what i am called to do.but by his grace go i believe in miracles you bet i do My quote ..if you feel the music in your heart sing it out for the whole world to hear
Love n huggs tony