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JohnnyWilliamsLEVEL 61


Sing unto the lord a new song Psalm 96.1

JohnnyWilliams is 62 years old, is located in Wisconsin / USA and has been a SingSnap member since December 4, 2015. He has a total of 1,912 public recordings that have been viewed 19,788 times and 361 achievement points.

Hello all, happy to see you stop by my page. I love to come here to listen and sing. Music is food for the soul and makes hearts smile. If you are looking for a fun time you need to check out the chat room where we sing and talk and have fun. Hope you enjoy your visit and hope to see you in chat.

I am a one and done recorder, very seldom do I try to redo and improve a song so if you hear mistakes it's just part of my life. I've made mistakes all along my journey but like to leave them in plain sight as then it is easier to learn by them and improve.

Love and Happiness to all
Johnny Williams

P.S. Keep singing it makes hearts smile and calms the troubled soul. God Bless