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john_tucker01 is 78 years old, is located in United Kingdom and has been a SingSnap member since September 21, 2013. He has a total of 202 public recordings that have been viewed 4,163 times and 432 achievement points.

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I have been lucky to have enjoyed good health all my life. I joined the Royal Air Force (UK) in the late 50's at the age of 15yrs until being demobbed in 1969. I always loved sport especially soccer - also cricket table tennis - in fact anything with a round ball as opposed to American football and our rugby. Oblong shaped balls were alien to me. I have been divorced - never remarried but have been with my current partner now for almost 40 years. I have always loved music and singing from almost any genre - I either loved something or didn't like it - I was never a buyer of records as such. My mother had psychic ability and I was drawn to the study of astrology and later the tarot - a combination of both resulted in remarkably accurate results - so much so that I developed my psychic side and began going to clubs pubs etc doing psychic nights. I also operated a visiting Psychic service but only me doing it. I hated being wrong and always tried to help to the best of my ability all who came to me for help and guidance.

Just two things I would like to say - if you seek true peace and happiness it will only be found within yourself - too many people seek happiness outside themselves believing more money - a perfect boyfriend more material wealth etc will make them happy.
True peace of mind comes from living your life in a way that you can respect yourself - if you can respect yourself - so will others. Also you are never alone in this life - we are all part of the whole - the same intelligence permeates everything and everybody and the best way to earn respect and true love from someone is to give them respect and love. I always advise ladies but it applies equally to men. When choosing a partner do not let the cover mislead you for the true beauty of a person radiates from within. It is not what a person looks like it is not the words they say to you - it is how they treat you that will tell you who they are. If they treat you badly without respecting you or your feelings - there is little chance of finding lasting happiness with them.
In everyday life the more love and caring you put out to others will result in your receiving back far more than you put out. Of course the reverse is also true - the more negativity you exude can only result in your receiving back negativity in the form of alienating yourself from others and inviting negative unfortunate circumstances - the choice is yours to make and singing is a wonderful natural way to peace of mind and happiness.

It is not how well you sing that is important it is the fact that you do sing.

Welcome and happy singing to all of you. Love and best wishes always. John

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