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joe_nea1924's real name is Nea~ & ~Joe Hawkins. Nea~ & ~Joe is 54 years old, is located in Alabama / USA and has been a SingSnap member since December 21, 2009. She has a total of 1,867 public recordings that have been viewed 194,347 times and 701 achievement points.

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my Meka

This is Dedicated to my Meka'

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my birthday gift from Maylyn & Don

JULY 31, 2010






imikimi - sharing creativity


one song contest!

My Sister, Lisa {pineytop} I guess you had to be there
end of song

My Sister, Lisa {Pineytop} Always on my Mind






this is my babies, my world, I have them set to Public so you all can enjoy them as much as we do.
this is me & Meka, my mommy fur baby, she sleeps with me each night & we really have a wonderful time when bedtime comes, lol

Meka does this little scratching off with her back leg that's just so cute

all my baby girls. they are so very well mannered.
Barbie is our oldest, Meka is Hattie & MitMit's, {mitzi's} mommy

our youngest daughter MitMit, Mitzi, she does this special thing with yodeling

hope you enjoy these, I love sharing my babies with my friends.

hope you have a blessed day


will update more later, we will be having a new edition to our family, Our baby girl was born Nov. 22, 2014 & she will be coming home Christmas Eve, 2014

her name is GiGi MaKena Kiki Cartee

Kiki Birth to 3 months

my friend, John

end of song.

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2011 Halloween Harvest Festival

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Decorated the Snapkus Tree 12/22/2011

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this is the link to Ebay where my mixer came from if anyone wants to check it out
this is the one that I use & love it.

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imikimi - sharing creativity

from {PastorKevin}
my Valentine's Poem, Feb 14th, 2012
Valentine treasures are people who
have often crossed your mind,
family, friends and others, too,
who in your life have shined
the warmth of love or a spark of light
that makes you remember them;
no matter how long since you’ve actually met,
each one is a luminous gem,
who gleams and glows in your memory,
bringing special pleasures,
and that’s why this Valentine comes to you:
You’re one of those sparkling treasures

My Precious Friend, Kevin, {PastorKevin}
It is so good and a pleasure that I have many friends here on singsnap
And I want to thank you all for the prayers you say for my mum and me
We are both over whelmed by the comments that we can see
And we want to thank you al and especially Nea who last week kept you updated
You my friends are a pure delight
And you make our days lovely and so bright
And I hope that now I am back that my songs and poems and sermons bring you some happiness
Because each and everyone of you mean so much to mum and me
And I don’t have the words to express my thanks properly
But I am so happy that I am now recovering and home and able to be back with you all
I want to thank you for the support you give me
And to say your comments comfort me everyday
And I am so overwhelmed to read your comments that they brought happy tears
And tears of joy and happiness and friendships are built on singsnap to stay
And mum and I are not completely out of the woods just quite yet but I promise you I will slowly get back on track
And thank you for prayers helping mum and I to get through everyday
And I love you all my dear friends
You all make each day so fulfilling for me
And one day in Heaven we will meet my precious friends
We are both so overwhelmed especially me as I am just a lowly humble servant of the Lord
So Thank you my friends
{Copyright} Kevin Fletcher
31st October 2012
I Miss You So Much, Kevin

Cuddly Comments
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April 28, 2015

my Precious sister/best friend, Maylyn, Dippin_Dots
sang this beautiful song & wrote this poem for me today, 4/28/2015
after hearing the loss of my beautiful cousin/sister/best friend
baby girl, you have deeply touched my heart, I love you so very much

"Just Breathe"

Just's like an hourglass, times running out.
We hustle and bustle, trying to make that extra buck,
But at our darkest hour, hitting rock bottom,
Finding it tough, an outlet that leads the way out.

Struggling to keep up, like cars on cables, spinning around in circles.
Seasons come and seasons go, like the very breathe we breathe.
Cradle your head, where it leads us sometimes we wonder,
Will it ever stop, spiraling out of control, who's got hold of the wheel now?
Glued to the pedal, hardly breathing, seeking light out,
Lonely and confused, life's written on paper,
Each a story to be told, can someone please help understand?

As a new chapter unfolds, what pray we ask does it bring?
2 A.M. a call in desperation, pen clenched tightly, a log in dairy explains it all.
Reminded to breathe from palpitation, reaching out for a hand,
One who's willingness to listen and understand,
Crucial timing there is no denying, make no mistake.
Whether someone near and dear will remain today.

But should the cable break and one car speeds fast out of sight,
Perhaps they've stayed longer and won the race of life.
A last run, they breathe one last time,
And feet to the pedal, straight ahead they run,
The tunnel ahead, heavenly lit, their guide.
A course set for home, the great book of life,
Their last chapter has been opened,
Time has seen to it that their name be written,
A course , homeward bound, without remorse.
Knowing that what lies ahead, without boundaries nor dead ends,
Sketched in vibrant blinding colors of beauty beyond human imagination:
Spreads itself before ones eyes, a delight to behold.
Faith the cherished book that we learned throughout life,
Has held steadfast, even upon shaky ground.
And LOVE being the key that unlocks life,
Without it, one has already died not knowing,
What truly life is all about.

It's all in the "giving of unconditional love,
With it comes "forgiveness", the two is a must.
So, Baby Girl, let not your heart be hurt nor sad.
She knew and felt your love.
Upon her wings she did carry that with,
A piece of your heart shall forever remain within hers.
She smiles, although your heart she knows is amiss,
Missing her, she too knows this to be so,
But she prefers you smile, for the memories shared.
She's free to come and go,
And your hourglass is safely in her hands,
For she knows, one day, a beautiful day, your cable too shall break,
And when you arrive at your destination, she shall be there to take your hand.

So grieve awhile, but not for too long,
She's fine, and she knows you will be okay in time.
She's aware you are not alone,
She'll always be your guardian through day or night.
She knows you are dearly loved.
An angel of a friend to me you are,
Miles are only a figment of imagination,
You are closer to me then you really think you are,
You see, we are riding the same car,
So hang on tightly to me, we are in for a wild ride.
But in the end, it too shall come to pass,
Whereby, we shall stop...we've both been down this road before.
But by the end of the ride...both our paths shall come to that all too familiar fork in the road,
And that is now and you best believe,
When I tell you, I'm holding and hugging you tight, so, JUST BREATHE;
That you dear Baby Girl, are loved with "ALL" my might.
Just Breathe! I've got the wheel, this time and everything will be alright!
Believe me, look beside you and there too am I..every step of the way.
I've got your heart in mine.
You ARE loved!
©Maylyn - 4-28-2015

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