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JodiVGreene's real name is Jodi Greene. Jodi is 38 years old, is located in Ohio / USA and has been a SingSnap member since December 17, 2010. She has a total of 32 public recordings that have been viewed 3,087 times and 14 achievement points.

I would like to express my frustration right now with Sing Snap. I have become very ill in the last 6 months. I have been diagnosed with a pituitary brain tumor and reactive hypoclicemia. Once I had to stop singing for awhile I come back to listen to some old recordings and Sing Crap has deleted almost everything. I was not aware that ALL the recordings that were bad and I never made public were counting against the 100 I could keep. I could not be more upset. I had a lot of really good recordings and memories there. If anyone has any ideas how to get them back, please help me. I will not return to Sing Snap and re-record ALL my favorites. *tears.

Also...Enjoy my picture slideshow below.

About me...well...I am a young (barely) 28 year old, bright, successful woman. I am a graduate of The Ohio State University and now a graduate of Mount Vernon Nazarene University. I have an associates, bachelors, masters of Early Childhood Education, and I have just completed my 2nd Masters as an Intervention Specialist (Special Ed).

I have 2 true passions; singing and working with children with special needs. Currently, I am working with students with emotional disturbances (bipolar disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, OCD, ADDHD, etc). I also REALLY enjoy working with children with Autism. I have worked with children with Autism for over 6 years in the past. I have worked with children with Emotional Disturbances/Behavior Disabilities for 3 years now. I am currently a 6th, 7th, and 8th grade special education teacher at a middle in an ED (emotionally disturbed) classroom. I'm really excited about this part of my life. I have no children of my own, but I am interested in MAYBE one day having one or several. Keep in mind that I already have 21 kids of my own that I see Monday-Friday from 7:40-3. Lol.

As for my singing, I don't do as much singing now than I did in the past, but I'm hoping that will change now that I have finished my 2nd masters. No I am not a professional. I would love to be tho I used to perform EVERYWHERE with my two younger sisters (whom are amazing vocalists) and with my band (who I'm no longer with b/c of time constraints when working on my education). Check out my Black Velvet recording which includes background from my sister, Dana. Karaoke is always a fun night out. I just finished paying off my guitar that I had on layaway and I am starting lessons soon. YAY! I would LOVE to learn to sing and play together...I have never been very cordinated so I guess we'll see how that one goes!

My mother has posted this video of me singing at some performance at a fair/festival somewhere. I've added them to my site. The video/audio isn’t the best, but it’s still me. ENJOY! Mommy's sure proud (this is her myspace site)

VIEW MY SLIDESHOW...ENJOY! (Below is information about pictures from beginning to end.)

jodi's SS slideshow - picture slideshow

Picture #1—Miss Ohio Photo shoot- 2006- Black and White.

Picture #2—Me and my baby (doggie), Scooter.

Picture #3—Ohio State Graduation- 2005- Associates and Bachelors Degree

Picture #4—Me, just hanging out in the car.

Picture #5-- Miss Ohio Photo shoot- 2006

Picture #6—Me posing on the floor. Hah!

Picture #7—Being crowned Miss Central Ohio 2006. Beautiful moment! Most exciting moments of my life.

Picture #8—Miss Ohio Photo shoot- 2006

Picture #9—Swimsuit- On stage.

Picture #10—Masters Degree Graduation- 2007

Picture #11—Just hangin’ out.

Picture #12—Out with friends.

Picture #13—Miss Ohio Photo shoot- 2006

Picture #14—Just hangin’ out.

Picture #15—Before going on stage to sing at Miss Central Ohio 2006.

Picture #16—Miss Ohio Photo shoot- 2006

Picture #17—New Years Eve 2009 with my favorite little ladies drinking sparkling grape juice.

Picture #18—Just hangin’ out.

Picture #19—Performance at the Marion Moose Club with my sister Laura (far right) and Dana (middle).

Picture #20—Miss Lake Erie 2005 before going on stage for gown portion of competition.

Picture #21—My first professional baseball game. Was sooo much fun!

Picture #22—Just hangin’ out..WOW…look at those eyes!

Picture $22—Miss Central Ohio 2006- the queen’s court.

Picture #23—Just hangin’ out again..upside down this time. Lol

Picture #24—Just me hangin’ out taking pictures of myself. Fun Fun!

Hope you enjoyed all of my pictures from throughout the last 5 years.

Make sure to check out my recordings and please leave comments!