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jj_jing's real name is Jeannie ~jing~. Jeannie is located in Philippines and has been a SingSnap member since April 11, 2014. Jeannie has a total of 130 public recordings that have been viewed 10,375 times.

Hi, I'm Jing, a Filipina and a music lover by heart! Singing has always been my passion. I started singing when I was six years old. In my childhood I had joined a number of singing competitions. There were times of winning and also losing. Winning made me feel confident but losing has never brought me down. Singing has always been my hobby. Apparently it is my first love. My life is completely intertwined with music. I also love playing the piano. In 2003, I discovered I cancompose songs both its lyrics and melody. I feel grateful to God for that special kind of gift. The very first music composition I made became an official entry to Himig Handog, a song-writing contest by ABSCBN, a local TV network for amateur and professional composers as well. Unfortunately I didn't make it but still I kept on making music.
There came a time when I stopped singing. That began in 2005 when I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, an incurable disease of the central nervous sytem. I can no longer sing like the way I used to. I became bedridden for four months and totally dependent on wheelchair. But music has never left my side. My bedroom has always been filled with music through songs played on the radio. Years passed and gradually I found out I can sing again though not within the same range that I used to have.
By chance, as I was browsing the App Store I found this SingSnap Karaoke amazing app. That was in April this year 2014 when I joined this wonderful community of equally gifted singers all over the world. So glad, I found this amazing app and website. I can now sing my heart out and forget all the physical pain I have. The encouraging comments of SS friends add joy to my heart.
Let's keep on singing and sharing our own precious God-given precious talent.

A sweet bday gift from my Yobo, MayAnn (Diwata1215)

Sharing with all of you a beautiful poem that my dear little sister, Twinkle (Tuiqqu) wrote for me on my bday ...

I made you a little poem, as you are Cinderella sis so here it is. I hope you enjoy it. I wish all your dreams come true.

Sweet Cinderella.

( Jingaling's Poem)

Bright as the whitest snow flake.
Sweeter than any honey-cone.

That's how beatific is Cinderella.
Look! You can see her there. Laying
Softly over the sweet meadow.

Fair as the winter snow.
As she's sleeping soundly in a bed of roses.

Lookie, lookie what's riding by.
It's a wonderful prince charming
galloping by.

To aside all the obstacles to aside all the
thornes. Says prince charming to foes.

Clip from here Clip from there.
That's how thornes over
Cinderella disappears.

Let Prince Charming grant to thee.
The sweetest kiss thou ever seen.

Come ye! Come ye all to see.
The fairest princess Cinderella
been rescued indeed.





Fix You

I Want to Spend My Life With You by Bobby Vinton

I can Wait Forever piano cover by an amazing Filipino, Mark
(my top favorite song by Air Supply)

We Are Young by Jeremy Davis ~~