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jimbuhu is located in Arkansas / USA and has been a SingSnap member since January 21, 2007. He has a total of 4,354 public recordings that have been viewed 76,454 times.

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Life sure is a funny thing … I am loving it and going to enjoy it even more down the road one day. I love to sing … chat …. talk etc and always will enjoy that , yet to make it easier to get some real goals in my life .. completed , I will not be doing as much here , so not a thing is wrong … far from it. Things are moving along as I need them too, to get on with my life … So I am happy .. : )

I have always loved to sing and Karaoke was something I discovered in my Early 40's

I try to sing different ways such as soft, strong , country style, blues style etc … but lean towards blues .. Growing up without having music to sing too, I got used to singing different than most … I love to hear and see others sing and hear their take on music and their song selection and will favorite a variety of folks for just that reason .. One cause I enjoy listening to them and 2 because I want to run through their songs and see what there … and if they have duets .. will normally jump in on that too. I do not sing songs over and over before I post them. Normally I post and sing once … even on a new song.

I enjoy trying at times to figure out a song by the music not by how its actually played. I can do well with most anything yet do not like vocals in a karaoke song , so thoroughly enjoying some of the member posted songs that do not have vocals. …. As I slowly get sit back up to sing, it will get better … as right now its not where I want it to be

I am fortunate and have been blessed. I do think God for my blessings. Some folks here I have known for many years, 15 to 20 or more, others I may have just met. Thanks for stopping by.

Neat to see old friends from other sites and has been a pleasure knowing you guys all these years. Be sweet and God bless. Don't miss out on hugging your kids , loved ones and friends for we are not promised a tomorrow.

Enjoy yourself and don't let anyone spoil it for you. Never be afraid to stand up for your beliefs and be yourself for then you are true to the one that really has to matter, yourself.

I met some great folks here Singsnap ... and it changed my life and what I had planned for it. I do know that there is a reason for paths crossing, yet we can never truly control life as its a long and winding road.