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JerryC8001's real name is JerryTheMusicMan Morrison (Chartrand). JerryTheMusicMan is 49 years old, is located in British Columbia / Canada and has been a SingSnap member since September 6, 2018. He has a total of 7,442 public recordings that have been viewed 114,152 times and 275 achievement points.

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I'm a 47 yr old a variety of places and am multi skilled tradesmen. I started singing this last September 6th.i did it a little bit before in my past but I'm a little excessive now.i have 1500 recordings since I joined September 6 th night I recorded like 60 songs lol.its crazy but I'm searching for my style because I write songs and I am going to do them soon.i bought a celebrity ovation and am gungho about doing it.singsnap have me a place to let it out and not be judged or treated bad....alot of wicked nice people who appreciate music like me...kind words etc...I'm still a little cam shy but may e gonna hang out here for a long time and I will bring my music to light.singing is good for the soul keep doin ut.....I would like to add something..I Am very grateful to every single comment and it means alot and I am so busy singing that I get all caught up in music..I bought my first little studio fast track and my ovation..gonna do my songs. But thanks and I will take some Time to watch and listen more and appreciate this whole community for encouraging and supporting us singing addicts lol.thanks for stopping in