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JennyGraceLEVEL 66


JennyGrace is located in North Carolina / USA and has been a SingSnap member since July 16, 2016. JennyGrace has a total of 40 public recordings that have been viewed 865 times and 401 achievement points.

JennyGrace....Hello SS friends! Well, I am so happy to be among a group of such wonderful people and fervent music lovers! I was invited here to SSnap by a couple of friends as a way to help my grief after the heartache of losing my dear husband to cancer in the spring of 2016.

Music flows in my blood... I feel like my heart won't beat without it!

I truly wish I had better vocal chords, but unfortunately I wasn't in the line when God passed out the vocal talent..... so I try and stick to my safe range and just have some fun!!

Thanks for stopping by listening and leaving comments!
Truly warms my heart when you stop by and say hello! I have met some wonderful people here in Sing Snap Land that I am now so blessed to call dear friends... I LOVE SS!

There is such opportunity and power here in SS Land to make someones day brighter with a song, with a comment, with a kind word, with a helping hand, with private messages and shared prayers. What an awesome place this is!!