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its' real name is Paris Sings. Paris is located in Netherlands and has been a SingSnap member since September 1, 2012. She has a total of 5 public recordings that have been viewed 1,311 times and 244 achievement points.


my name is Paris and I live in the Netherlands. I'm Married to a classical guitarist.
I love Jazz, big band and bossa nova (Sinatra, Julie London, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Sammy Davis jr and Sarah Vaughn).

I sing in English, Dutch, German, Spanish and Portuguese (and am secretly practicing Italian).
I love dressing up for a competition. Any excuse is good enough for dressing up fun! I am happy to announce that I still fit into my Jessica Rabbit dress and killer heels, but I am not above wearing a fake beard or silly hats. I once did a Christmas song dressed up as a christmas tree, complete with all the trimmings on it and hundreds of flashing lights.

My voice is jazzy and low (but you've probably already heard that yourself).
I use ordinary Apple earplugs for recording. I do have a mic (i-rig mic) but prefer the Apple earplugs. Am saving up for a REALLY REALLY good mic but I might be forced to sell a kidney to afford one. Anyway, I'll stick with the Apple earplugs for now. LOL. Hubby and me are planning on doing some songs together and maybe record something together. We'll see. Come what may, right?

Happy singing!

Awards for hosting 2015 edition of:

Where I played Judge Marlene

Winner "For Christmas, whoever you are (you're getting) a Cane! Competition 2014