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island7LEVEL 74


island7 is located in Texas / USA and has been a SingSnap member since February 27, 2013. She has a total of 259 public recordings that have been viewed 42,471 times and 470 achievement points.

I am retired from Law Enforcement. (I've had enough drama in my life, now it's time to relax and enjoy life) I am from the Washington, D.C., area but Texas is my home now.

I am the mother of seven children. I have nine grand children.

I joined this site because of my love of music. I find it quite rewarding to sing, and listen to others sing. When I sing, it's usually from the heart. It is very difficult for me to sing without "feeling" the song. I don't like to copy an artist. I will sing it my way.

I have been fortunate enough to meet some really awesome people here

I enjoy listening to people sing. Sometimes I am able to listen, but not able to write comments. I will use the setting "Radio Style" and listen to multiple songs. When it's possible for me to write, I will leave a comment, or message. If I am listening to multiple songs, it's because I am enjoying listening to that person sing.

I try to pay visits as much as possible. Please forgive me if I can't respond to a comment right away. Please understand that life can get hectic and as much as I try to keep up, sometimes it takes a while to return a comment. I do appreciate comments, but it's not mandatory to play tag. I listen to people because really enjoy listening.

I really don't spend much time going through the "FAN" and "FAVORITE" lists. Anyone that is a Fan of mine, I'd like to know who it is so that I may set as a favorite of mine. Since I don't search it that often, I can miss people that I would have enjoyed paying a visit to. I apoligize if it takes me a long time to find people who have flagged me. I'm really not a rude person. I just don't get here enough. Sorry.

I describe myself as a friendly, big hearted, open minded, kinda shy, too emotional, and a good listener. I say what I feel, no reading between the lines. I try to be kind, and respectful. I enjoy all who come into my life. Communication is always a problem when you can't hear or see a persons face when you communicate with them. Things have changed in the Communication Department, and I'm trying to adjust.

I am not here for Drama, and I have no hidden agenda….. Life is much too short. No matter what age you are.


Mourning the death of my brother. SEPTEMBER 15TH 2017 Life as I knew it was forever changed. Part of my heart is missing. My brother committed suicide. A tragic situation for him, and one I will have to live with while I am here. The GO FUND ME explains the circumstances to anyone wanting to read what happened.