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HunnyBunnz's real name is Genevieve Svoboda. Genevieve has been a SingSnap member since September 8, 2009. Genevieve has a total of 391 public recordings that have been viewed 43,718 times and 257 achievement points.

I'm sorry I haven't visited or recorded lately .... I've been busy visiting the hospital .. And now even busier with the aftercare .... I miss my friends here :((( ... I'll try to sneak time on here when I can :)) ... Til then, sing for me babies :))))))

Born and raised in Illinois, but have been a Floridian for 24 yrs now .... hate the cold. Have a grown son and daughter and 3 lovely grandchildren. Started singing almost 6 yrs ago (on a dare). A good friend of mine recommended ss, and here I am.
There's a lot of great talent here and I'm having a ball singing and listening. I also love to dance, some ballroom dancing ... and I play the Q-chord, which is a digital guitar.....

You know, sometimes you meet some very special people here on SS ... Ones you'll probably never meet in person .... Yet somehow they touch your heart ..

?There is such a variety of talent here ...From Awesome, to, well, just having fun ... For the ones with such great talent, I tip my hat to you ... So I come to expect greatness from you almost every time :)) ... And yet for those of us that are fair to midland ... I'd say I'm equally impressed ... Because if you search their library, I guarantee that you'll come across many performances that leave you speachles :)))) ... We all have greatness in us ... Some more than others ... But it's there :))))

These poems were written in the 60's

This is for Mother's day

I wrote this poem the night my mother died .......................

"And The Memories Stir"

Mom ....

I know you didn't get a card - with all the pretty things they say,

But I thought I'd write you this letter - I think it's a better way

To tell you things I feel - to show you that I care

For all those little things - the memories that are there.

Remember the candy eggs you bought for us that Easter Sunday?

You'd spent your birthday money on us - and passed up a new dress for that day.

Remember those October days - when we would burn the autumn leaves?

And so we wouldn't catch a chill - you put us in coats with longer sleeves.

Then at night before we went to bed - you'd tell us scary stories by the pumpkin's candle light.

And then you'd tuck us each in bed - and give us a kiss so we could face the night.

Then the winter came and scattered cold and icy snow upon the ground -

I'd walk in the door with frozen feet - and you would set me down,

Then pull off my boots and warm my toes with your warm hands .....

And the memories stir like flowing sands.

Putting on my lipstick - getting ready for my first date -

I was afraid he wouldn't show - because he was already late.

You gave me a hug and said he didn't deserve such a pretty girl as I -

Then the doorbell rang - he said hello - and I gave you a kiss goodbye.

And you'd wait up till I returned

With a warm cup of coffee - and toast, just slightly burned.

Then with a smile on your lips - and your eyes would haze,

You'd sit and tell me of your younger days.

And you would take and squeeze my hand -

And the memories stir like flowing sands -

Now my daughter runs among the leaves

That burns in to my memories

Of years ago - when you were there -

The simple moments for which I cared.

In the future I'll add more poems

This is a poem written so long ago. It's your dream pleading with you

" Shatter Me Not"

I am a dream

That can mean a lot;

Or more it may seem ---

Then ---

Shatter me not.

Look at the sky on a starry night

And if only you'll let me be -

I'll soar to uncharted heights,

Watch and you will see ---

So ----

Shatter me not.

Believe in me and seek me,

Keep me in your mind;

And one day you will see

A world only you can find ----

Please ---

Shatter me not.

I am your dream - born of thought,

That can mean a lot.

Don't lose me - for I can not be bought.

You must ---

Shatter me not.

In a world of uncertain fires

That could easily burn the soul,

I shall not lose the desires

That only you could know ---

But ---

Shatter me not.

Keep me safely inside your mind,

Shelter me from harm.

For if I should break - you will find

I'm no better than a broken arm ----

Then ---

Shatter me not.

Though broken arms can mend,

I break at a higher cost

Your dreams so carefully fend ------

Once broken I get lost ----

Please ---

Shatter me not.

"And Now"

There is nothing now - nothing but the dark.

I dare not wander near the park

Where you and I once walked.

It was there we so easily talked

We looked towards the skies

With shaded eyes

Beneath our tree -

It was there you pledged your love to me.

There is nothing now - but the still of the night,

Though the sound of music wouldn't make it right.

For now it would be wrong

To play what used to be our song.

I dare not play that melody ,

Though it shall ring through my soul till eternity.

It was the sweetest rhapsody

Of your pledge of love to me.

There is nothing now - but numbness.

I dare not touch anything - for everything knew your tenderness,

Everything knew your touch -

And I, as much.

There is nothing now - but the dark,

And I dare not wander near the park,

Or play that song - and as much,

I fear of anything to touch;

For all of life - contained in these -

(such as my sigh on a gentle breeze)

Contained that sacred vow

That you forgot somehow .... and now,

There is nothing.

This is the first poem I wrote, think I was 14

"He Gave"

God made the oceans touch the shore.

Because of his love for us he did still more.

With his mighty and loving hands

He made for us these green rich lands.

With grim determination he said, "I know I can".

Thus from his love stemmed the beginning of man.

So life went on through periods of time.

The good and evil walked the line.

As God disappointedly looked down at last

He said, "Those of the disbelieving shall I cast.

But those of the guiltless few

Shall start this world anew

To rid the world of hate and greed."

So listen well and take careful heed;

Though he created them with his great love,

He punished them with rains from above.

And when the cleansing rains had cleared away

The chosen few knelt down to pray.

"I'll give to you the heavens above.

I'll give to you my whole hearted love

If only you'll let it be

You truly believe in me."

The Lord giveth and taketh away,

He begins and ends every day.

He watches and guides us from the heavens above.

He gave and still gives his whole hearted love.

The time was 1966 , I think we were all scared<br

"After The Bomb"

Let me know a single year before

The bomb will drop in the final war.

And in that year you will see

A frenzy to live - a crazed melee.

And take pen in hand and write my will

And place it on a window sill;

For all the dead now turned to dust .....

To laugh at it .. for they must.

Then the bomb came falling down

Leveling the highest to the ground.

An eon passed - and not a change ....

Still another passed and no life in range.


High up on a hill there sprouted a tiny seed -

No sooner was choked and deadened by a willful weed.

Then the long forgotten will took flight into the air

nd landed on the weed, burying it right there.

Then - the skies parted - and one tear fell to the ground,

And there was never again -

Another sound.

"Hoping To Find You"

Í've come as far as mind and means will take me from you -

I've traveled and toured and turned a hundred times in the road

Hoping to find you rushing after me -

You - - a million miles away - -

You - as close as breathing - - -

And the long slow process of learning to live alone -

Begins again.


Í do give a damn - if you live or die;

For if you died - I would no longer be.

And whatever ceased in you - would equally be stilled in my soul -

To dust - shattered -

My life force scattered

Beyond reassembling - Or even the will to do so;

That I would be so useless - and without purpose -

That I may as well lay in the grave

Beside you.

"I Know For Certain"

As strange and Eire a feeling - there never before was -

I now find the words to express - and yet I know because

There is a little string that runs from your existence to my heart.

And I know all the world would cease for me if we should ever part;

For that would break the connections

Of my life, my dreams, my affections.

Yet - might I say it would be a grave sin;

For, I know for certain,

I would take to -




"Not A Place To Cry"

The city with its' gaudy lights is not a place to cry;

The city seems so cold - maybe that is why

It needs a warmer atmosphere to release its' tormented hold.

Among the trees - and a gentle breeze - to comfort a tear as it unfolds.

Then ... submittance, so subtle, sobs build to a violent wave

That it might be destructive - but - save;

The winds comfort - as city lights never could,

The trees embrace - as a city never would.

"Our Eyes Connect"

Our eyes connect, I must look away for fear

That my quickened heartbeat you might hear.

That you might laugh knowing I still care,

Is an injury I could not bare.

Could I peer into your hidden mind

And to my wonder find

That you too love - I would cry aloud;

For then I could drop this concealing shroud

That fools the world, and says, "I'm free"

Yet, you gaze into my eyes and I fear you would see

That I am not happy - I know of no such freedom;

That I would give the world to again enter our stolen kingdom.

"Magnified Is Your Laughter"

Could laughter, whose chief mechanism is to bring joy,

Now be the wedge in my brain - that threatens to destroy

All sanity that I have left?

Then pray I now to turn stone deaf.

The too, I know, blighted from sound

Would be no cure; for I'd yet be bound

By that wedge - driving intense pain,

Of your mocking laughter - deep into my brain.

For the brain amplifies louder than ears would know;

Magnified - is your laughter; consuming in echoes;

Thundering-maddening-is your laughter;

Resounding in waves - from rafter to rafter