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happyseniorLEVEL 68


happysenior's real name is John W.. John is 73 years old, is located in Japan and has been a SingSnap member since March 2, 2008. He has a total of 2,073 public recordings that have been viewed 80,533 times and 420 achievement points.

HI SingSnap Members

Got my initial roots for singing in church choir and a solo in a Christmas show in elementary school let me know I had a long way to become any kind of singer. Not much other exposure to music after that until I came to Japan and started going to karaoke. I learned it is not how I sounded singing a song, but how much I enjoyed singing one and also the enjoyment of listening to others sing.

It has been a couple of years since I visited any karaoke place here in Japan, but I found my own karaoke room with you all here in SingSnap. It has been a blessing to finally become a Gold member. I truly enjoy all the people I may sing with or who might listen to any number of solos I have sung.

I had a malignant tumor removed from my left thigh nearly five years ago. I do know that I sure relied on SingSnap when I was feeling down after the diagnosis and time before and after the operation to remove the tumor. It sure lifted me up to sing.

Unfortunately, an unknown source Cancer moved to my lymph nodes and I had to have surgery to remove the Cancer along with 30 radiation treatments that I finished at the end of February 2016. My thigh Cancer and unknown source Cancer are not related. My battle has continued and I have had seven operations.

My NEWEST update on my illness is here. I have CUP cancer which is only 2% of all cancer types. Basically it is a cancer where the origin is unknown. A tumor could pop up, removed through surgery, radiation or chemotherapy, but a NEW tumor could pop up at anytime. This is the crux of the situation. Recently received radiation treatments in August, 2019 and followed that up with chemotherapy (first time) and I am still battling. I need your prayers as I pray more than I have ever before!

I do know and empathize with anyone who has had a similar ride as I have. Cancer is truly a disease that affects so many especially those above 70 years old. If you would like to follow my battle with cancer, please visit this site and become a follower. I have been adding journal entries since early December 2018. If you become a follower, you will automatically receive an Email message telling you I have added a new entry.

I hope you are all enjoying SingSnap as much as I do, and if anyone is visiting Japan, let's go to karaoke together. I would love that!!

By the way, one day after my retirement from teaching on March 31, a Japanese TV program was covering old song shows. My neighbor called me and told me to turn on channel 7. I did and this is what I saw! Please note the foreigner singing with Mori Shinichi (a famous enka singer in Japan) is ME! I sang with him as of April 1, 37 years ago. Amazing that my former student found this video as she watched the show live. Please watch this and see that I was young, had hair and could NOT sing. You see, in this video, the Japanese singer was supposed to sing the second verse alone. I did a GREAT job of disrupting him by trying to sing along with him. It would have helped if I had known the lyrics. I knew the first verse only! LOL ENJOY!

John (Happysenior)