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Gulfsinger is 61 years old, is located in Louisiana / USA and has been a SingSnap member since October 9, 2007. He has a total of 6 public recordings that have been viewed 209 times.

Information Written by Gulfsinger

I am a working musician and karaoke jock. I am building my own studio in my home,it is primitive ,but it is coming along.My wife and I sing and play all day every day ,except Mondays when We either go fishing or a bike ride to the beach or through the marshes. Our Bike's name is Gladys (Gladys Ours),and we have two male dogs and two female kittens.Hopefully,we won't get any dats or cogs from this medley....We write our own music,and are preparing it to podcast soon.To anyone who is thinking of dropping the 9 to 5 for music,I say Go For IT! I gave up an 84 hour a week job offshore to play music for a living! I don't make a lot of money,but the bills are being paid so far from Karaoke.The satisfaction of playing music,drinking beer and singing all night and getting paid for it more than makes up for silly things like new car notes and big house payments,etc. I PLAY FOR A LIVING! Too cool!