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Goliath63LEVEL 56


Please pray for us to find a home by Feb.

Goliath63's real name is David Henry. David is 58 years old, is located in Hong Kong and has been a SingSnap member since September 16, 2013. He has a total of 5 public recordings that have been viewed 780 times and 327 achievement points.

I am very grateful to God for giving me the talent to write songs and play instruments. Now I am trying to find the talent to sing better. I have been very blessed to have had a mother who was a wonderful singer. I am also thankful for God allowing me to come into contact with Roger Burnley of Singing Made Simple. He has improved my voice dramatically. I know I have a ways to go but feel I have made great improvements over the past few years. I love singing and writing. I hope you enjoy my singing and music. May you always make sweet music. It is a gift from God.
I have just become a vocal coach and have a singing Inner Circle here on Sing Snap. If you like my singing and want to sing like me, I can help you. Just PM me for details.
p.s. You can find me on YouTube under Spagman63 and David R. Henry. I have some vocal exercise videos and guitar instructionals as well. If anyone is a Second Life member, I go by the name Goliath63 Resident. I used to sing live at virtual clubs and design system clothing. I DON'T do mesh! Lol
I have made my own code for leaving comments. My typing is very poor, so I often leave just initials for comments. Here is the key:
VND-Very Nicely Done
SS!-Super Sing (NOT Sing Snap LOL)
WTS!!-Way to Sing
MYDW-May You do Well (I don't believe in luck)
BSMF-Be Safe My Friend
GJ-Good Job
NJ-Nice Job
HAG1-Have a Good One- Have a nice day
URSD-You Are So Dang
URSDF-You Are So Dang Funny
URSDC-You Are So Dang Crazy
URSDK-You Are So Dang Kind
URSDS-You Are So Dang Sweet/Smart/Sexy(reserved for my lovely wife)

Wicked Game-Grumpy Jew............................... So You Wanna be a Boxer?........................................My Sweet Lady

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