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To anyone stumbling on this, I no longer use sing snap (I have a karaoke collection that rivals sing snaps, so why put up with snarky and rude comments about my choice of words as a believer in Christ, when I can sing peacefully in the comfort of my home), but I like the videos I have on here, so I am keeping them up.

To certain people who are offended by me because I have occasionally swore or sang songs that were somewhat overtly sexual... I have this to say: YES I am a Bible believing Christian, and yes I study the Bible daily, and pray everyday, and that, the bible does say to abstain from profane language and that the power of life and death are in the tongue (at the same time, Jesus used more than a bit of what was considered profane language during his time "ie. the brood of vipers comment to the Pharisees".), but what is considered profane is definitely a cultural thing. Also, while it says in the Bible to be modest, it never says not to talk about sex, in fact, the Bible says an awful LOT about sex, and ANY sexually oriented song I have ever sang has ALWAYS and ALWAYS WILL BE dedicated to my husband PERIOD.

I don't do things to sexually entice people and I dress extremely modestly with many layers and clothes that cover everything. I also work hard not to cuss, but there are certain words I don't consider cuss words, which others obviously do. I don't apologize for that, it is in the past, and God is working on me everyday.

I am always willing to be corrected, but what I am not willing to do, is bend over backwards to change for a person who has a proverbial stick so far up their ass it's coming out their mouth. I have greatly sinned in the past or done dumb things, but does that mean I need to cover it up? Absolutely not! I would rather be transparent then live a lie!!! And I answer to God not you! Some time's God may use you to speak to me, but most of the time, it's just your flesh, plain and simple.

So if something I do offends you, think about WHY it offends you before you rail at me about it. RANT OVER.

I have been singing since I can remember, I am classically trained and am always working on improving my vocal technique for classical and non-classical music; I enjoy singing a variety of music.

I am VERY happily married. 3yrs now!!! Yayyyy!!!! Anniversary is May 9th! Woot! And FYI We didn't kiss or hug till we got married, yeah that's right, no sex, thank you very much, I waited, and now I enjoy it.

NOTE: I will apologize in advance if I offend anyone, I have PTSD and can at times be triggered by random things to have a PTSD episode, and its not pretty, if it happens more than once by a specific person, I may block you, its for my safety, I don't like doing it, but sometimes I have to and I am really sorry. THIS is also related to the dairy allergy, and if I have been exposed to dairy it can trigger episodes and make episodes I might be having worse. It is something I am constantly working on by avoiding dairy and working on controlling my triggers in myself, and at times, avoiding things that do trigger me. So I very deeply apologize if this happens to you, but I am working on it everyday.

The other reason, and prolly the main one, is I have VERY severe allergies, to well, A LOT. I am allergic to dairy AKA milk and milk by-products. I know b/c dairy makes me break out in hives, swell up, vomit stop breathing, have extreme blackouts or anxiety attacks, my body go numb, and the list goes on... So, yes, allergies, sometimes, keep me from from singing, especially if I accidentally touch or consume milk. But that will never permanently stop me, trust me! Nor do I want people feeling sorry for me, I just like to let ppl know what's going on and live an honest life.