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GinaM01's real name is Gina M. Gina is located in Maryland / USA and has been a SingSnap member since July 8, 2010. She has a total of 4,433 public recordings that have been viewed 341,523 times and 515 achievement points.

People have asked me why I sing so much harmony on my songs. This is my story and I'm sticking to it. I was a Choral Director for over 30 some years. I directed Children's choirs and adult choirs in 4 different states. Ohio, FL, VA, and then MD. That being said, I have heard harmony in my head since I was a young child. I was destined I believe to be a Music Director and work with people throughout my life going clear back to High School where I was the Student Director for my HS Choral Director, which basically meant I has his helper. Lol! I started taking piano lessons at the ripe old age of 8. I was in 4th grade and continued to take lessons all the way through HS. I was a classical pianist and was always singing in church and that became most of my life. I miss those days and that is why I always love singing harmony. To have a choir facing me and hearing those beautiful sounds coming out of them was always music to my ears, well most of the but more importantly I hope it was Music to GOD'S ears!
We all have a past of something. Music was always my go to place and still is, with GOD'S help!
I want to thank any who have listened to me over the years here on SS. Your comments have kept me encouraged to keep singing on here. I love being around creative people!
Thank YOU for all your encouragement over the years on here of listening and commenting.
I have been blessed by so many!
I'm hoping I can stay here singing.
Thank YOU SS for giving us singers a place to sing!