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Geneo777's real name is Gene Gamble. Gene is 60 years old, is located in Indiana / USA and has been a SingSnap member since October 4, 2010. He has a total of 50 public recordings that have been viewed 5,132 times and 19 achievement points.

Singer/Songwriter - love all kinds of music.
YOU CAN --- Friend me on Facebook right here, my main net hanging area, LOL follow the link.

I am a Father, 1st marriage, Amanda Jo (28) Luke (24) & 3rd marriage, Megyn (11) Grandfather - Adalynn (6) her sister Chesney (newborn 3 months) & grandson Brayden (4) -
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Things about me. I'm currently single, have been since 2009. 20 of my years of life I spent in faithful marriage to 3 different wife's. They all were gorgeous women, good mothers, I loved them faithfully. Each day I look in the mirror, I know what I see, who I have been. I have peace in the fact I kept my word and accepted their loss. Though with sadness and regret at times because of the hurt, peoples freewill choice. I did learn you can't make a heart love somebody. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

My (sir-name) came to the US in before 1790's, from Scotland, Viking descendants before that. My father also has German, Irish, my mother, Cherokee (her grandmother was full-blood Cherokee) English (her fathers sir-name) and Dutch. I call myself an American.
I'm a born-again Christian, I pray to the Father, through His Son, my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. He gave His life for me. I have read the Bible (many times) so I look at things that Way. 2004 He (Jesus) fixed my life, because I surrendered it to Him. I don't always make the right choices and miss the mark at times, far from Perfect or please Him always. But my lifestyle sure won't separate me from Him in the end. I love the sinner hate the sin. I too am a Work in process, I press on fighting the Good fight. I've been there, done that and did that too. His Way is the blessed Way to walk this life through.

I've always sung one way or another from an early age, school, church, as I worked, as I played. I've sung cadence to the troops in my time in service for my Country while in the U.S. Army. A little late in life I first pick-up a guitar at age 27, then began to learn enough to sing & compose my lyrics. About 3 years later I was in my first band of 3 over the following next 10 years. Labor day 2001 was my last gig. I was going a different Way in life.

I love every thing about a song, how the music moves in it, its builds, its flow, its draw to the listener. Its like poetry in motion, telling a story in its art form in a short time span in a genius matter to communicate it to the listener. Music is also very powerful in all them matters as well, its power to influence.

The Bible tells us that all the praise, worship and music presented up to the throne of God (The One True God of (Israel). Was filtered through the angel Lucifer (Satan/Devil). It so influence this angel that he wanted to sit on the mercy seat, and he became prideful. He wanted to be the god receiving all this, and so he was cast down to the earth with a third of all the other angels in heaven. Now he rules the sky and things about the earth surface, for now.

But Jesus defeated death/Satan with His death and rose from the grave. Providing us a Way to not be separated from God in eternity. He has offered us the free gift of life. His Truth in freedom, if we will believe and abide in Him by following His ways.

~~~ I have a few sites with some of my stuff on it. Click on and give a listen. Thank you, love it here. Doing some different stuff here I really enjoy. ~~~