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gattina is located in Colorado / USA and has been a SingSnap member since May 21, 2011. She has a total of 100 public recordings that have been viewed 123 times and 367 achievement points.

May 31st 2018
hello dear ss friend ...even if I am here only a few times a year ... I still remember you and miss you .. hope all is ok with you ... send u love and peace ...
Thank u sweet chocolaty friends who gave me snaplitious...sad I don't know who u are ..I would like to tnk u and send u xoxo... .....
2017 Valentine's Day ... I send you lots of




take life one day at a time ....otherwise we' ll go.................. %()%$%^%&** @%&^^(&^#*

Love we need so much ........



wish all your dreams come true...



pic taken Aug 7th 2015 before finding out something that stopped me from smiling till I realized that God is holding my hand through all that I have to face these days ahead .... Faith in our LORD keeps us from hurting and giving up

spring 2015

* X *

* X *
I thank all my dear friends in ss ... Is a pleasure hanging around you all ...You are all so wonderful ... we have spent many many hours ( years) here listening to one another and always reciprocating visits to each others studios, this makes us so very special cause we follow each other and go back and forth to all our studios where we meet again many times in one of our mutual friends singing place. This makes ss a great place to be part of. Is the social thread we have weaved amongst us and we continue to add more to it ..lots of love and peace ... Caterina

dancing ...singing are my loves .... and meeting and listening to many wonderful singers in ss is my next love.... Caterina xo

xox Jan 2015 ...

March 2015 ....



one of my fav beaches in Baja California, Mexico ...Palmilla ...


I LOVE this song of Leonard Cohen

me and me and dearest fab singer Silver Tiger...EVER GREEN ... his voice and style is .... oh my!!!! .... stop by his studio and you will love listening to his voice
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near where I live it happened today ... is hard to leave the place where I live ... CO is beautiful and nature is so close to my house ...
FOR MANY YEARS TRAVELED and Lived IN MANY COUNTRIES....MULTILINGUAL...DIPLOMATIC INTERPRETER ....I sing as a form of therapy ....... I was a classical and modern dancer, I STILL DANCE FOR FUN.....I sing because I love it and wish I sang better ...I live in love for the sea is still in me and hope to go back living a few feet from it in winter at least.... TNK YOU for your visits....... I appreciate all the comments you leave me, they make me smile, I will stop by your studio and let you know I was there for a listen .......