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fredodessaLEVEL 79


fredodessa's real name is Fred Kinner. Fred is 70 years old, is located in New York / USA and has been a SingSnap member since January 29, 2019. He has a total of 388 public recordings that have been viewed 20,586 times and 508 achievement points.

For those of you that love to do Karaoke , you will love this site, and everything it has to offer. For me it was a great way to spend the winter months, and with summer, comes , camping , bluegrass festivals , and other music events all summer .

I am married, with 3 grow children, and a couple grandchildren. My wife knows I love to sing , so she is fine with me joining in on duets with those that choose to help me out.

I do not have the talent to be able to harmonize , but sometimes when a couple voices join together , it makes it twice as nice , so if I know the song well enough I may jump in, and if I do I hope you don't mind. So far in the short time I have been on this site, I have made a couple fans and a couple special friends , I love to sing , so when I have the time, I will be listening and maybe join in. THANKS FOR THE ONES THAT HAVE LISTENED and hope everyone enjoys there time on this fun site