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Frank123 is 81 years old, is located in Israel and has been a SingSnap member since September 6, 2007. He has a total of 1,243 public recordings that have been viewed 111,448 times and 332 achievement points.

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Aug. 2018
Well I've had a difficult time with blood clots and pneumonia and spent several days in intensive care on breathing equipment .. I don't think I'll be able to sing for awhile and don't know if my voice will come back 100% but I'll be back singing anyways... "time will tell"

IN MEMORY--------January 27, 2013--------I lost my dear Son and best friend -------DANIEL JOSEPH SMART
I'm learning to live beside the Pain, not in the pain I'm successful sometimes!

I'm back singing again but some songs he loved are still hard to sing.... he told me moments before he passed on.... Dad you are my best friend... does it look like I'm going to make it.... I kissed him held his hand and had to tell him .... NO
Losing someone is always hard but knowing your not alone takes time to realize... that no matter what, life goes on.... My wife took our son's passing very hard: after he lost his wife they were very close......
We thank God daily and trust in His mercy and goodness....
June 2018 It's been 3 years now and with many ups and downs but with new radiation treatment and medicine's my wife is holding her own... we thank God because most lung cancer patients are considered successful if they last up to two years after diagnosis and that's with some of the new medicines.... we take each day as it comes .. we have five new great-grand-children during these last 3 years ...
May 2017 It's been 2 years since my wife was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. Some of our friends told her don't fight it , just prepare yourself and do the best you can. Well, we decided to fight and she's had many good days.. BUT this week we were told that the cancer is beginning to resist the chemo therapy.. the available medicine is about $20,000+ per month, which is out of the question. So, we are going to try radiation therapy. There are two cancer spots and one is too close to her heart for treatment
In June 2015 my wife was diagnosed with lung cancer , stage IV..... it has been quite a blow.... and it isn't something you can plan for... we have learned to take each day as it comes, the bad ones and the not so bad... the idea of a good day is something so relative to the now.... we have learned to trust the good Lord for tomorrow....
Welcome to my studio.... nothing fancy,but full of friendship, best wishes and fresh ground coffee.. I enjoy meeting you and will get around to hearing you...depending on how the days are going... feel at home....G-d bless you and be well.... and take some of those chocolate kisses and a few hugs as well..
God keep all of you.......Frank....




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