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EnchanteeLEVEL 62


Enchantee has been a SingSnap member since June 7, 2014. Enchantee has a total of 612 public recordings that have been viewed 22,592 times and 374 achievement points.

Hi, I'm Enchantee ( its pronounced as if it had an accent: en-shant-ay, as in the French for " meet you" and also - the root for the word "singing" in French. Lolol, no, I'm not French, I just like the sound and meaning of it!)

I hadn't sung in many years, and I wasn't even sure I could still sing. Joined in 2014, and made a few recordings, not even realizing how much there is to SingSnap. Forgot about it until 2018 when I re-discovered it, and a whole new world opened up - omg, the joy of discovering hundreds and thousands of songs and singing again in a community of kindred spirits!

Also...never imagined I would meet the love of my life on here (Mateo7)... and now he shares my home, my life, and my account, so if you visit my studio, you'll see plenty of solos and duets featuring his amazing vocals

Check out my New Year's Story: What a Wonderful World

Loving these:
Play Me

Shallow (as a solo)

Midnight Blue


I Only Wanna Be With You

Play That Song

Private Emotion

Check out Royals.....apparently, I am now Alpha Queen Bee : )