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EmmaJaneLEVEL 12


EmmaJane is located in Massachusetts / USA and has been a SingSnap member since May 25, 2007. She has a total of 79 public recordings that have been viewed 12,558 times and 56 achievement points.

I've been a member since 2007, and I love it here. I don't know how the social circles form, but I enjoy listening to and commenting on other people's recordings (and hope for feedback on mine).

I've been using the Sing! app more for the past couple of years but I want to re-engage with this site as it probably saved my life. I spent 18 years in an emotionally abusive marriage and am divorcing as of 2016, and I really am isolated with 4 teenagers and am looking for duet partners and also to make friends - I keep hoping I'll meet someone local enough to me that we could actually - gasp - meet in person and do fun things.

I've been a singer, music director, computer specialist, and composer. I am currently singing in an a cappella chorus and I love it.

I have a Blue mic and M-Audio speakers, Bose (update: now Sennheiser) headphones, all acquired over time, and love the improving sound. Although my iPhone earbuds deliver amazing sound quality as well.

I'm starting to learn Reaper and recording harmonies with myself and acapella versions of some songs with me doubling parts.

I've been off of this site for awhile because the Sing! app on my iPhone is a wonderful app and it sucked me in - I have over 8,000 recordings there!

Feel free to drop me a line!! If you're in the area (I'm on the MA/NH line) - I don't have any friends who like to sing! I'd love to meet some people, local, or not. Singing here on a bad day makes me lift up inside and on a good day brings pure bliss and euphoria. When my triplet 13-year-olds are making me crazy, or my 17-year-old, I can make everyone sing.

Nearly all my songs are open duets. I LOVE it when people find my recordings and sing with them. I NEVER WILL MIND!! So hop in and improvise, harmonize, or bang on the bongos. Harmonizing - singing - is how I think we were meant to communicate as a species instead of speaking and yelling and being embarrassed to sing if we are not born professionally trained as a singer.

Maybe we shall evolve to that and we on this site are evolution? It's a nice thought.

Singing saved my life more than once, I love singers, I never judge because the fact that people come on here to sing, thanks to Trevor and his awesome feat in creating this community, is one of the miracles of my life; I know what I've gotten from it over 9 years and counting, and how much I've improved!! So if someone who thinks they're "not that good" starts saying that I want to shake them and say "That's not the *point*!! We are *meant* to sing to each other and with each other!"

The biggest thing that will improve anyone's voice is simple - confidence. If you sing even when you think it's bad and then do it again and again, eventually you'll have a day where you say "Wow, maybe that was better, maybe it's a skill that can be learned like everything else in the world!" No one is born a star.

After confidence comes practice and determination. I couldn't stop myself from singing if I tried (ask my parents and now my husband and children). Even when told at 13 (augh) by someone close to me "Why would *you* want to take voice lessons??" in a disparaging tone, I just went under the radar until I got the courage to come out and it has saved my life in the hardest places of my life, and given my joy, bliss and euphoria almost every time.

This turned into a sermon but I am now a singer, actor, and musician, with immensely improved skills from age 13, and I know how far I could still go - that's the great part, you are never too old, or too young (you *can* be too young for formal training, but that's another story), or anything but just full of potential.

Hey, if you're here, you probably know most of this already. This is what I have learned over about 20 years, after as an adult making myself take voice lessons, join choruses, and now I have worked as a chorus director, church choir leader, musical theatre performer and music director, and sing in an acapella chorus. So what if I'll never be on Broadway - as long as I know I can keep improving, there's always going to be joy for me.

Maybe I will find a forum somewhere and post this there... I got carried away by my passion for this, and really love helping people, children or adults, find their voice and lose their inhibitions.

If you can sing in front of someone who knows you, like a family member, you have won the battle. There's no way to stop you after that.

Love you all. Thank you Trevor again, you probably saved my life by having this site back when I joined in 2007 (my old recordings show how far I've come) and I will never leave, although I wish I could get in on the social aspect of it - I don't understand it sometimes because everyone cheers on everyone, and that's *wonderful* but for myself, I would tick the box in my profile (if there was one) that said "Give me honest feedback on anything and rate me according to what you really think, don't spare my feelings or what can I learn?"

I understand that for others it's just pure fun and that's AWESOME and the support users here give each other is amazing to me. Just too hesitant to try to break into social circles! I'm nice though, feel free to msg me or post on any recordings or again, join a song of mine or invite me if you want me to sing with you.

Men, women, kids, I don't care, and I *love* a challenge.

I sing everything but my passions are for musicals and Green Day - I'm not a typical "Let's sing whatever is popular this week" singer, I really like to explore and learn and over and over.