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edwarrrdoooo's real name is Ed Rutkos. Ed is 70 years old, is located in USA and has been a SingSnap member since October 22, 2008. He has a total of 1,201 public recordings that have been viewed 22,467 times and 234 achievement points.

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Now this,the world of the printed word is my arena.Words are my domain.I write effortlessly and according to my friends excessively. I entered this world ,your singing world, with great trepidation. I am hearing impaired and we H/I people dont hear things quite the way you do.We have to learn how to pronunciate properly. Its a lonely world sometimes to us---you can have it all,family,friends but oftentimes its like being in the middle of a swimming pool and feeling as if you are not wet--and music--singing-- well at first its like trying to hit a ball without a bat--tough on the knuckles---and you just dont want anyone to mock you. I have sung to myself and only myself since my earliest age of awareness . yet I always ached to do something like this---such fun--we H/I folks are ''eyes'' people,we MUST!! We look into your eyes to the pupils and we learn to read--- the easiest eyes to read are those eyes that are kind and gentle--- it was the kind and gentle eyes of my friend AngelAnn that convinced me that I--really could do this.What a beautiful person what a fine friend---and oh those eyes--