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Dragonflyt is located in USA and has been a SingSnap member since January 24, 2009. Dragonflyt has a total of 685 public recordings that have been viewed 38,613 times and 289 achievement points.

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I, laughingly, say I live in Brigadoon. At least it looks like Brigadoon. Anyway, I love to sing and have been in various choirs and choruses practically from birth. Singing always reminds me of my childhood family. My mother, in particular, loved to sing with us. Dancing, singing, cooking and baking are some of the fun things we did together. No one with any great talent to speak of in the singing and/or instrumental departments, but we could all carry a tune fairly well. My mind is geared towards the auditory (vs. the visual), so I don't always make videos. That's, mainly, because I seem to have minimal talent for it, and I, also, find it a distraction to my focus on the sound, the beat and the words when recording. I'm a major nature, animal & bug/insect lover. Writing and lots of ideas for inventing things are two passions of mine. When I'm on Singsnap, I feel I am spending time with my own kind, which is always fun. Thanks for visiting with me and listening to my songs. It is appreciated and gratefully accepted.

Also, I've been singing on here since 2009. In early 2013, I took a huge break from computers, as I've been on them since 1970. (Yep.) It was a MAJOR relief for me. The only thing I missed was singing here, and so I reluctantly returned to owning and maintaining yet one more computer. So, from early 2013 through 2015, you'll find no recordings. If you've time, though, please have a listen to some of my earlier songs, as well. Thanks for spending some of your valuable time on my site. Always nice to have a few fans.

Final thoughts here.... Just so you know, I have no idea whatsoever how I sound to others. I just happen to have an eidetic memory for sound (but not mental pictures). Otherwise, no perspective at all. I depend, oftentimes, on the kindness of friends and strangers to give me regular feedback. On my own, not much insight on how I'm perceived by others, unfortunately. Odd method of living, but it works. My mother had eidetic sound memory too, and I remember mentioning how my mind works to my dad once, and he was shocked, and said, "I wondered if any of you kids got that gift." What a compliment! And it confirmed to me that I really did function like that, AND wasn't alone. Rare though, for sure.