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DownByTheRiverSide is located in Mississippi / USA and has been a SingSnap member since June 23, 2008. He has a total of 3 public recordings that have been viewed 567 times and 89 achievement points.

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Hello Everyone. First, I want to say what a joy it has been being on this site. What an amazing group of people and singers are here. I have met fabulous singers who amaze me, and huge and caring hearts who inspire me. Thank You for letting me have the chance to know you. Secondly, I will tell you .... I am not a Singer. I know that well. I have never sung before except in the car alone. I was always afraid to let anyone hear me sing. Silly maybe, but ..... fears seldom make a lot of sense anyway. My whole purpose here was to help "Jump Start" me out of a depressive slump I was in after a rather severe accident, so this is not about me being musically proficient. I will leave that to the Great Ones on here ..... and there are plenty of them. This is about Music in the Larger Sense .... Music to Lift the Soul and the Spirit. The Healing Power of Music. Music can do so many things ..... express love... fulfilled or lost ..... the hurt, pain, frustration, or joys of life ..... and then its spiritual side to sing songs of worship or praise to our Creator and to pour out the longings of our souls ..... so very many things. And I believe that in expressing feelings one gets more in touch with them, and then has more understanding and control over them. So, to sum it up, I am here to be inspired, uplifted, healed .... to express frustration, sadness, and regret .... and then hope and recovery. I am here for the Healing that Music can provide. Please bear with me and try to overlook the technical errors if you can. If you can offer some constructive criticism, I am certainly open to that as well. I am sincere when I say that ..... I know nothing of singing so whatever hints some of you may be able to offer will be appreciated. I offer up my best wishes to everyone one here who is most likely trying for the same themselves, and my very best admiration to thøse whom God has blessed with beautiful voices as well as beautiful spirits. I do stand in awe of some of you for your sheer musical brilliance! It has been a long, and often surprising road for me .... lots of triumphs and joys, and more than a few sorrows ..... but through it all I have leaned on God to help me through, and also learned that I am a lot Tougher than I had previously thought!!! It's gonna take a lot to take me out!! I have survived a lot, and not a lot worse for the wear either, praise God!! I wish you all well on your Journey, and thank you for the joy that sharing your music has brought me the past two years on SS. With Best Regards, John PS. The Name refers to the fact that I live in the Deep South near the Mississippi River. The Pic is of me and my dear friend, Maggie, on her front porch in Natchez, Mississippi, with the Mississippi River visible in the background. Best Wishes Everyone. OCT 8, 2008 THIS IS AN ADDENDUM TO THE PROFILE The rest of the Profile remains the same. I dont know how to say what I am about to without sounding aloof and arrogant, but I have put it off as long as I can. Experience has made me feel the necessity of adding this. I want to say that I am here to Sing and Nothing More. Please Understand That. I am not an Unattractive Man, and I have little trouble getting dates here at home in Real Life. I am not here for Dating. I may be guilty of making errors in judgment at times, but thinking that a Site for Singing is the same as a Dating Site is not one of them. Thank You for Understanding and Respecting what I have said, and I Apologize that I have felt it Necessary to do so.

******************************************************************* UPDATE: April 29, 2012

To whomever shall come to see. I think it best that I take a break from SS for a while. All I have ever tried to do was to promote peace and harmony, but at this point my absence may be the best way to achieve that. To those that I adore here, and you know who you are, please know that I care deeply for you, and I apologize that this is rather an abrupt turn of events.

********* UPDATE *********

Thank You to several members who have written and asked me to not leave SS. I appreciate your pm's and friendship. I have always tried to conduct myself here as a Christian and a gentleman. As far as I know, until about 3 days ago I was liked by many and respected by most. During the past three days falsehoods have appeared about me and my character maligned. I am a low-key, low-drama kind of guy; I dont tolerate it in my *real life* and I wont be a part of it here on SS. This recent episode was the first in 4 years, so I hope I can get back to that, and if not, I will be gone for sure. I am considering several options at this point. If you are interested in maintaining contact with me, and/or listening to my songs, please send me a private message and we will decide privately what to do. Thank You Again for Your Friendship. Best Regards, John