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DinDavLEVEL 24


DinDav's real name is Roger & Dina And They Love To Sing!. Roger & Dina is located in Arizona / USA and has been a SingSnap member since December 13, 2010. Roger & Dina has a total of 21 public recordings that have been viewed 6,433 times and 121 achievement points.

We love to sing and we love listening to others sing. We know that it's not so much the voice a person has, but the heart that person sings with that's truly beautiful.

We've sung together since 1981. I'll be 68 years old come January 2016 and Dina will be ?? years old in February 2016.. Well she's 7 years younger. (There I didn't tell her age did I?) We're in this marriage for the long haul and until the end of life. We've weathered some rough storms in our relationship, as all do. But, we believe anything worth having is worth working hard to obtain and maintain. Our wedding vows before God, our faith, our love for one another and for our children are highest priority to us.

God Bless You All..... Dina (Din) & Roger (Dav), thus "DinDav"