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DennoDenn's Profile Page


DennoDenn's real name is Christer Svanberg. Christer is 66 years old, is located in Sweden and has been a SingSnap member since April 22, 2011. He has a total of 29 public recordings that have been viewed 927 times and 382 achievement points.

It's a well known truth that ...
"If two people come together
to get something from the other person,
none of them will get anything.
But on the other hand.
If two people come together just to give away,
They both will receive."

When it comes to this phenomenon regarding
the balance between the number of listens and comments on my songs.
Obviously, I'm happy for every little comment I get, but ...
I don't get upset if people don't share their opinion about my performance,
as long as they continue to choose to click on my songs.
I lost my Gold, because I couldn't afford the fee. Now I'm trying to be in here, without that privilege.