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DarkWolfy's real name is Vic Andringa. Vic is 46 years old, is located in Alberta / Canada and has been a SingSnap member since February 2, 2008. He has a total of 314 public recordings that have been viewed 12,097 times and 221 achievement points.

Information Written by DarkWolfy 41

I walk through the Mists of the Night Eternal.. I am your Fears.. Your Desires.. I am your Lust.. I am the one who Lurks in Your Mind.. and in Your Soul.. I am the one who sends Shivers down Your Spine.. I am the one who will Awaken Your Body.. I am the one who is void of life.. but is yet so drawn by life.... I am the one who offers love.. and his soul... I am the one who makes your heart race.. I am the one who makes your knees weak.. I am the one who gives you that feeling in your stomach.. I am the one Who Enchants you and captivates you..

I am DarkWolfy..

"Would You Offer Your Throat To the Wolf With the Red Roses??"

For Some Very Thought Provoking Reads that I have written:

~Make Love With Me~

Feel the flame within my soul
The passion in my chest
Run your fingers down my spine
As I kiss your breast
Heat from desire
Hunger in my eyes
Take me to that place
Feel my ardour rise
Let me caress you
And entice your soul
Crushing kisses
Will make you whole
Rapid breathing
Heat so hot
Feels like fire
Keep me caught
Thundering hearts
Lightning speed
Blinded by love
Trapped in ecstasy
Feel my warmth
Feel the pull
I cannot wait
Fill you full
Moving within you
It feels so right
Become one with you
Throughout the night
I need to kiss you
To love and bite and tease
Take You now…

Make love with me.