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DannoMannoLEVEL 63


DannoManno is 43 years old, is located in United Kingdom and has been a SingSnap member since June 28, 2014. He has a total of 2,349 public recordings that have been viewed 43,101 times and 383 achievement points.

Hey everyone, cheers for looking at my profile. I'm Dan and I live in south England. I am about 21 miles away from the city of Southampton. I love most animals, music oddly enough hehe. Trying to sing I have a giggle at times trying to be any good? And I like tv, and ten pin bowling. Astronomy I like too. I am very much single and shy. But going on here I can chill out and I love hearing how others sing songs all good, and fun! If anyone is new on here i'm always up for a chat And I would say check out the singing room. All nice people in there and it's easy to make new friends. Happy singing all Danno. Just an update lol! I now own my own House in Andover. Situated on a slight hill. And to top it all off it is number 13 I live in. Hoping for a lucky! future. In 2020 there have been times when certain members who will not be a friend. But frequent the chatroom often. Feel it is their right to have a dig at me. No need for it. I do not point out they sing way too loudly etc if I enjoy what they have sung. If they have a small level of distortion etc. You can decide not to listen. Or simply turn down the volume with the volume slider. I never do unkind. Just wish others who are constantly finding fault. But feel they are somehow perfect? would only let it be known if the vocals are much too low to be heard etc. I am sad I had to add this onto my profile. But there is no place for being nasty to anyone in 2020? Many of us use the chatroom as a way of escapism. From awful things like the threat to life from covid. Peace xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx