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dakini is located in Saskatchewan / Canada and has been a SingSnap member since July 18, 2007. She has a total of 8,541 public recordings and 11 achievement points.

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I was born in Grimsby, Lincs. England, coming to Canada on the Queen Mary with my twin sister and Mom, who was an english war bride.she had been in the english army and dad in the canadian army. we went back a couple of times, but this became home for her..well, and us, as we were only 2 when we came over...anyway..........

i love music and always have. I had a little country/western band about 40 years ago. It was fun! then i grew up, or so i though!! lol..I find music soothes the soul and takes you to another plain. It relaxes the mind, which we all need at times. I sing because it keeps me less lonely and is something i enjoy.

I guess living alone and not being well, as i have lung and heart failure, and am also in the final stages of my disease. My lungs are like cardboard and do not expand much and my heart is like a giant jello pancake, which is not pumping the blood thru my body the way it should be, and also is in atrial fibrilation which pumps much to fast..between 120 - 180 beats per minute.

Music has become a great part of my life once again!! Singing, or trying to, lol. and meeting new people from all over the world, keeps my spirit and well-being day at a time..........

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