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DaBoo's real name is Danny (Boo) Boudreaux. Danny (Boo) is 69 years old, is located in Louisiana / USA and has been a SingSnap member since August 31, 2007. He has a total of 44 public recordings that have been viewed 823 times.

Last Updated: October 2, 2014

To me singing has always been about lyrics and message. Unless I feel the lyric and message in my heart, my performances are not nearly as good. Guess that is what makes me mostly a balladeer and crooner.

Original Song-Just a Matter of Time. With CazMania on harmony.

Taken with my Nikon D3100 camera


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Songcast Music- You can find some of my music on here


Teaching Abby-Lynne to say "I Love You"

Pops by Da Cajun Boo Bear, on Flickr

I am a Cajun. I love life, love to have fun, love to joke around, love to laugh at myself, and am devoted to my family and friends. Sometimes my humor is not understood and sometimes I can offend some people. When or if this does happen on Singsnap please let me know so I can kick my own butt. As everyone knows from emails, text can be taken many different ways by the number of people copied. I think the same happens here in commenting, private mailing, etc. So please understand that my intentions are never to offend....................I came hear only to have a good time in the little spare time I have, sing some songs, listen to others sing, and make friends.

I have been on Singsnap since the middle of 2007. Most of my friends have come to know that I am a devoted family man. I profess it on my songs, in my comments, all the time. I don't cruise around the Internet that much and spend most of my time when I am on right here. Why? Because being a family man, I have found such a wonderful extended family here on Singsnap. There are so many wonderful and loving people on here. I think that is why it is so addictive for me.

I don't have nearly the time for Singsnap that I used to but I still love it and litening to all my friends as much as possible. It is, however, such a struggle to keep up with so many and try to find a little time to sing too. So, if I have you as a favorite and haven't visited for a while or you have something special you want me to here don't be bashful. Send me a PM and a link. And if you come to listen to me please know I deeply appreciate your stopping by cause I know you are probably just as busy as I am.

Bear hugs to all;


Rest in Peace Pepper

Our newest family member!!!!

If you have some extra time please scroll down my page and maybe leave me a comment on my guestbook.

Graydon Slideshow

If you want to know how I have my recording equipment setup click below

My Recording Setup

Some of my SS friends. If you don't see you sorry, I haven't uploaded in some time.


May she rest in peace?????


My "I Dream of Jeannie"!!!!
One of my most favorite singers and one of the sweetest people you will meet on Singsnap!!!!

We are celebrating the birth our of new grandson, Graydon Patrick Boudreaux, at Youtube with his first slideshow.

The First Days of Graydon Patrick Boudreaux

Or just watch it here. Click inside the video after started to leave a comment.

About Comments and a few things that really piss me off

1. People who spam. What I consider as spam is not the amount of comments you leave but the content. To me spamming is when you leave the same crap on every page!!!!!! A banner that takes no thought and no time. It tells me you probably did not even listen to the song. THAT TO ME IS SPAM. Oh, BTW, I love real Spam. Great sandwich meat.

2. People who send links through a PM to me without any explanation or even a request to go listen. I don't mind going to visit on request if you give me a clue or are at least courteous. I make requests for listens every once in a while. I never make a request to someone I don't know unless asked by a mutual friend to do so.

3. People who get upset if I do not have time to go by and listen to them. I choose who my friends are, who I want to listen to, how much, and when I want to listen. I work over 50 hours a week and have limited time to play with my friends on SS. I really enjoy my friendships and am really a nice guy. But, let's get real folks. We all have lives away from Singsnap (if you don't, I pity you)!!!!!!

4. This doesn't really piss me off but I do get a lot of private mails asking me how to set up things or how I did this or that. I will try to help anyone but please know that I am totally self taught and figure out most of this stuff through trial and error on my computer. Remember two things. First, I am not a computer GEEK although several of you probably think so. Second, your equipment and setups are entirely different from mine, so if you ask me how to do something please give me a little information to go by.

5. Lastly, and to end off on a good note. I love people with a great sense of humor. I believe I have an excellent sense of humor but sometimes people can take the written word wrong. If something I have commented on seems a little off but your not sure, I am cutting up with you in shear fun. YOU WILL DEFINATELY KNOW WHEN I AM PISSED OFF OR MAD AT SOMETHING. This happens very seldom.

If I have offended anyone with these damn bad. Get over it. NOW THAT'S FUNNY!!!!

Oh yeah, we are all busy and I am sure you all struggle with getting by to visit also. So don't worry if you don't have time to come by and see me. I know you have a life outside Singsnap. I just love to sing.

In memory of Coleman Scott, and eternal thanks for the strength and love of his family who like many others suffered through the ultimate tragedy. The loss of a child. They shared, with the world, their son and the long term fight to save him with such courage and hope. And when Coleman was called home their faith was never questioned. They carry on the fight for a cure through "Team Larson"

He's My Son

To The Scott Family:

It is amazing how God touches us when we least expect it. I was touched several months back when I fell in love with a song called "He's My Son". That song led me to Coleman. Having? two grown sons and an 18 month old grandson I found myself drawn to Coleman with emotions that had been hidden deep in my heart. I have grown to love your litlle boys and your family for far to many reasons to list. I can not begin to understand the emotions you must be feeling with the passing of Coleman to a new life. I can only believe that God gave us all a glimpse, through the eyes and heart of Coleman into the eternal life that he has for us all. Your strength, courage, and dedication to family is a beautiful thing.


My Signature Song
Can't Help Falling in Love- Elvis Version

Ellenboo Home Page
My wife. Also known as Ms Boo.

Baby Boo Home Page
My 1st Grandson. His real name is Grayson, born June 17, 2007.

Booette (My illegitimate twin sister) danboyboo
This is my Youtube Website. Please visit & Subscribe.

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One of Baby Boo's Special Videos

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Attack of The Giggles

Baby Boo Home Page

This is my yougest son in 1987. He and his son are so much alike!!!!

1987 Christmas Interview


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