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cwang50's real name is Charles W. Felder.Sr Aka charliewang. Charles W. is 70 years old, is located in USA and has been a SingSnap member since March 15, 2007. He has a total of 3,580 public recordings that have been viewed 297,873 times and 408 achievement points.

I am putting these links below that everyone gets a laugh first before reading anything about me (should they desire)

..........enjoy "LID WID...Let it do What it do"

Born the 3rd child, in the 3rd month, one of 10 siblings, we find Charles W. Felder Sr. Fast forwarding, finds our once dubbed 'Master Poet Charliewang', a noteworthy Poet, Story-teller, and Singer (in that order). He was a high school dropout, acquiring his General Education Degree, while serving in the Marines. While in the Marines, one of his proudest services was being part of the Marine Corps Silent Drill Team at Marine Barracks 8th & I, Washington

As an entrepreneur, he finds his time challenged from the demands of business, and trying to find time for personal desires toward the arts and the desire to be an entertainer. A DIY effort had seen “Season Of Poetry” as his debut CD to fruition in 2005. He traveled on the collegiate circuit presenting his “What Is Love” tour from 2004-07.

Other accomplishments include but not limited to, receiving a Business Degree, and working with troubled youth as a Drill Instructor for the Great State of Alabama...


my first placement and I did it with all one takes...I am very proud of me..lmao I got 3rd in vocal creationsII

How do you feel about singing outside your comfort zone? I believe everyone should try it once. There is a room here as well as on paltalk called "vocal creations". I got the concept from a friend "kerJ" as he sponsors contests on sing snap called "vocal creations", where one has to take a song and make it their own thereby making a "vocal creation"....send me a pm if you would care to be added. On Pal look under the music/karaoke to find the vc room. When "vocal creations" is in effect the GENRE changes hourly and randomly. Each that wishes to participate will be allowed to hear 30 seconds or more (for back ground vocal confirms)of the music they will sing to... then they will be given the link that they take the mic and sing/record and have fun making a "vocal creation". Details explained further in the rooms. the point is to make the song work for you and have fun...come join the fun if you dare...... (similar to kamakazi, but one does get to hear the music prior to singing... because we want you to make a new song... a "Vocal Creatilon"

5/26/08**** I have discovered that "pop" is my favorite genre...paticularily in doing songs I dont know... I just love to do songs I dont know... I wish everyone would come make a "vocal creation"

6/19/08*****I learned somthing today.. I learned that one of the things that I love to do is called "snapping". This is when you sing to another's song and creatie a duet/sing with them... then, you have snapped them. Perhaps I should change my name to snapper because I have snapped many at you are never too old to learn.....

Also learned, not everybody apprieciates being snapped... to those I say "use your option buttons to disallow..other wise... "it do what it do"

7.28/08**** some one called me "Snapping King" the other day, and I learned to accept such compliments as I am a snapper king ... what do you think...give a listen to the duets... Nearly all songs marked as duet are me snapping others... Snapping King... I like

8/22/08***** Joined my first club today 'LOVE CLUB", I might like NEway.. I plan to post our logo here, once I learn how to.. think I will snap everybody that joins this club and haven't locked me thats a good thought...... If you are one that joined and dont like or want to be snapped...lockumup...cause here I

9/4/08**** the below is for the political climate that the november brings



In my ambition,
Where passion dwells, insight rules.
I stand here secured.

had a birthday and decided that I want a new look.. some say I look younger.. I say "really?"

getting burn out again on ss..time for a break... (didnt last

I learned something today and that is that one can go back and remix songs... I never knew this.. I am wondering if this is a new feature.... or was I so caught up into making them do what it do that I didn't .... well anyway it is true that if you keep living you will learn something new... I just

*NOTE: The best feature that ss has.. well actually there are two... one is "blocking", that way, you want have to read any of my responses to your statements and, two would be "locking" lock up your songs...that way you won't have to worry about me r anyone snapping/dueting you a duet... all else are

Tactful transmitting/receipt
Sender/(what my brain received:)

First let me say thank you for joining me on the songs. I have a request (pay tention mofo) and I hope you don't take it to heart (and you kin take dis shyt anyway u wanna). But could you please not join any of my duets anymore (listen.. dontchu brang yo egotistical azz onnomo of my shyt.. u hien me). You tend to think the song is about you and not your duet partner (its about me dammit.. notchu). You also sing on songs that aren't even duets and just make a havoc of it(who told you it was cool to innovate.. dat shyt u do iz whack). It would be ok if you did it with some style to fit the current arrangement but you don't (you need to sitcho old no sanging azz down.. you have zero talent).. Again stating how I feel (so f off umma block yo dumb azz)." lmao.. funny stuff huh???

I still feel the same way as day one "It do what it do"

Awwwwwww... I forgot.. I was going to make a big "tadoo" on my 2000th song... but I forgot and have no way of knowing which it was... without I was going to not make any new recordings and go back and do all 2000 over and with as many takes as it took to get it "right" (what ever that means)... now what????????????.... today's count has be 24 over the intended mark... grrrrrrrrrrrr... sorry


My attitude toward contests are that they are all subjective where feedback is desired. So don't ask to be judged if you can't accept return receipt.

Well it seems that I have encountered another dismayed person for being snapped by me.. but as the rest.. they didn't lock their recordings to disallow comments or use the content as allowed in a public forum.. then they go to the person that used it and try to make them delete it or lock it for their own personal reasons.. go figure... I am wondering how one controls their songs and others also...lmaooooooo

dismayed: "hiii ..would you please delete or put in private the duet you did with me??"

dismayed: " really bothered my man and I'd just like you to remove it ...thanks"

me> "ok I did some research.. 1. click community 2. click comments 3. go to the comment I made and delete it.. no one will ever see it again on your recording.. hope this helps",,,
"I have never deleted anything I have recorded on ss since I join.. I have never done anything in malice to anyone on ss... I don't understand.. help me to understand.. because I dont wanna delete anything I have done... everything here is public forum.. surfice all that to say I DONT UNDERSTAND... snapping is what I thrive on here on ss... awaiting your response"

dismayed: "Well my whole family is upset with this recording...and all I asked of you was to put it in private...its not that great and I'm not impressed by it or you..."

(there was much more rhetoric.. some highlights posted here)

end result: cwang is blocked once again for his snapping antics as it do what it do... (but I promise its all public...sooo the public will decide)... I have never and will never degrade, slander, or otherwise, act in a malice way toward anyone in ss family......

I am so addicted to sing snap.. its kinna like a drug ... welll maybe it its a very good one to me. I am all about innovation of the music and lyrics here attempting to make a new song.. a "vocal creation" if you will out of every song I am exposed to, Like everyone, I prefer familiarity,,, so I enjoy being around others who like to sing outside the box and make "vocal creations" .....if you're not busy... come meet the gang>>>

Like a theif in the night somthing has taken away my desire to sing... So we will go with it to see where I am headed now.. maybe I will find myself before its too late.... AFK

funny how I said above that I lost the desire to sing.. but I kept right on singing.. I do see where I did take a 2 mo break since I made that guess he found himself...

Lately, I have been going back and listening to old stuff.... and now I am able to understand what some have said along the way "you are out of key... your pitch is are monotone".... I guess its true... its all about the repetition, Masterpoet Charliewang writes "to have longevity in anything, it must be repeated with the accepted change"... aso

It appears that everytime I try to add something linkable to this log... it changes my diary entry format... perhaps there is a way to keep this look and link also.. and some reader of this rhetoric will take mercy upon me and text me "how to"

I just love making it do... don't you?

I asked and now, links are real

I was outside earlier and was talking to my neighbor, then I was reminded of my mission and that is to get her on singsnap... she is one of the people that I know without a doubt will get hooked here as I did.. but I think she will be addicted even more...just a feeling.. she is not shy at all even though she will say she is (not). I must make this a goal and come back and share it here if it bears Hey Molly's Mom.. here I come.. you gonna sing for

Still working on

Had a Gig tonight and decided to take another "ad" pic (a professional photographer was there) and post every where... so, the "season of Poetry" CD cover will no longer be used... for the next 10 years this will be the cover pic for all my ads.... I kinna like the look. I was about to use dye to look like the old ad but this is a reality update..lmaoo

Had another birthday sneak up on me witihout my recollection... thats getting to be a real habbit of late...good thing others are being nosey or concern and remind me each year.. lol

I have wound up back in the belief section... grrrrrrrr I said I would not go there anymore... lol...well I lied.... I will be there a bit until the rhetoric get too over whelming.. then it will be time to move on back on the other side of the

Wonder how many people on singsnap have actually read what they agreed to on ss... in other words what does the "terms of use" say? I venture to say that 99% of all people never read the tos... raising hand guilty as charge.. but guess what.. I have gone and read ss tos... now I know.. before I was using just plain ol common sense.. but now I know. What prompted me was the constant argument that VC was in violation of ss tos. So, I finally went to the staff and they got me straight and I read it for myself... sooooooooo, VC is not in violation. read this>>>> ""You agree to not record parodies or complete rewrites of songs on SingSnap backing tracks. For the avoidance of doubt you are free to perform your own compositions on the SingSnap Original blank track." So I was right...lmao
Always something new on ss and often times perception is just that one's own perception without merit. Take a conversation of perception:


ME: ????????????? lost I am her biggest supporter wtf


Me: we are done with this conversation... I do not desire to talk with you anymore.... Mary happens to be one of my dearest friends on ss among many others. My language is just that "mine" and because you read what you wish into my rhetoric.. that is your problem... soooooooooooo..... go judge someone else but it would be wise to "keep stum"... as it do what it do.


well well how about that perception at its best... go figure...lmaooooooo,,,,,,,,,,,

I finally got the nerve to go make a fool of myself once again. This time on "The Voce"... a few years ago I tried AGT (am got tal) and that was the biggest joke I have ever seen. Makes one realize that TV is just that... I have fooled myself that I will have a fair chance this time.. I just need to have a good audtition on feb 14 2015, I am sure I can turn a chair or two should I pass the initial...lmao... it do what it do

My how time passes the older you get... it was 12/19/14 just a few days ago.. what happen? So much has happen that it would take many hours at high speed to cover it suffice it all to say.. all is well and I have accepted that the universe is all natural and the only medium by which we can interact with it, or anything within it, is the brain. There is to my knowledge, no other way; if there is, I would delight me, to be enlightened..

A Happy New Year to all.. I have confirmed my dedication to promote THINKING and the SCIENTIFIC METHOD and singing to make it do what it

Its like pulling hind teeth grrrrrrr
I was outside earlier and was talking to my neighbor, then I was reminded of my mission and that is to get her on singsnap... she is one of the people that I know without a doubt will get hooked here as I did.. but I think she will be addicted even more...just a feeling.. she is not shy at all even though she will say she is (not). I must make this a goal and come back and share it here if it bears Hey Molly's Mom.. here I come.. you gonna sing for

Still working on
4/25/16 Still working on her.. I am further convince, fear is very powerful, indeed.

time waits for no one, there is so much I want to do, and being honest with self, it would take more time than I actually have left on this earth to accomplish, but I will continue to strive in those directions. That said, I have learned what it mean when one speaks of falsetto. I thought it was when you just made sounds or hum in between Now I have learned that it is the vocal register occupying the frequency range just above the modal voice register and overlapping with it by approximately one octave. How about that... I have always envied the singers, especially guys who could hit the high notes. I am now working on it and it wont be long before I can carry a whole song in that manner. The morrow of this post: you're never too old to learn.

Robbg's Acapella Contest
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A friend told me about this contest and I thought it was a good one, so I rushed right over to participate and to my surprise, I was not wanted to participate in this public forum....I guess it really does do what it do
Sorry, you have been blocked.

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This reminds me of most singing contest as an audition to levels, they want to hear you not hiding behind the music....lmao...Gullllp!. One will get 90 seconds to make it do what it do and with no help from anything. I will post one before the deadline... it would be nice if you put all entries under one playlist click (just a suggestion).... be back later, after the Auburn War Eagle baby!!!! ok ok...Roll Tide folks too, til Iron Bowl

I submitted and this came up to my surprise.... I don't even know this dude...lmaooooooo

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ok ok lets keep it moving, nothing to see here, just social constructions at work as it do what it do