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CrystolWPsalms891LEVEL 62


CrystolWPsalms891's real name is Crystol W. Crystol is located in West Virginia / USA and has been a SingSnap member since March 12, 2016. She has a total of 5 public recordings that have been viewed 748 times and 374 achievement points.

JUST CLICK ONE OF THE FOLLOWING LINKS FOR A SAMPLE OF MY RECORDINGS! "The Prayer" (with duet partner Ricky C) "The Way I Am" "A Broken Wing" "Redeemer" "Stand By Your Man" "When I was your Man"

I am not delusional...I realize I am not the best singer around but I sing because it makes me happy and I do have a passion for music and song...There is nothing in this world that can speak to our hearts, our emotions, our spirit, like music. I believe music is a God given gift to us in this life to express ourselves in ways that are both therapeutic and healing. Does anyone else love to FEEL sadness and sorrow through song? To cry through a song that speaks to just exactly what you are feeling or going through is so cathartic! On the other hand, the JOY of expressing your happiness or excitement through a song is equally unburdening! My favorite movies all involve music or are musicals...When I was in Junior Highschool, our chior teacher introduced us to a medolie of musicals...and I fell in love with, The Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserable, Cats, Mary Poppins, and many more amazing plays with music that can bring you up so high you can touch the stars and carry to the depths of despair. How wonderful is MUSIC!! So I can't resist singing these songs and any song that speaks to me in some well as singing songs that express my love for God and what He has done for me. No, I'm not delusional...I am just having fun! I hope you are too! Thank you if you listen and enjoy my recordings then I am so glad!

(My user name "CrystolWPsalms891" ...the verse, Psalms 89:1 is "I will sing of the mercies of the Lord forever, with my mouth will I make known thy faithfulness to all generations.")

]The following are banners I have been given for participation in contests or placing in them. The hosts of these great contests spend a lot of time creating these banners for folks to win in their contests and they are so appreciated! I enjoy entering contests to hear others perform and to meet new friends. Entering contests is a way to step up to a singing challenge and it makes me feel great when I complete one!