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Crooner5LEVEL 52


Crooner5's real name is Albert Bernal. Albert is located in USA and has been a SingSnap member since November 15, 2008. He has a total of 150 public recordings that have been viewed 3,573 times and 303 achievement points.

Music is everywhere. It's in the breeze, in the ocean, in the rain. It's in the echoes of a canyon or a cave, in the chirping of a bird, in the fluttering of a honeybee, in the bubbling of a brook.... It's in the rustling of the leaves in a cool springtime day and even in the stillness of the freshly fallen snow in the midst of winter. And yes, it lives in silence too. For silence is part of music. Without it, music would be a chaotic string of sound....

Music is the elixir of life, a medicine for the soul and a catalyst of emotion. It lives in all of us, one way or another, transcending cultural barriers and language definitions with exquisite elegance and precision. That's why it is appropriately dubbed as "the international language". Music is the reason I'm here. And that's why you're here too; to drink of this delicious vibration and rejoice in the rejuvenating effects of its magic and the sentiment of friendship it plants in all of us.

Welcome to my corner of ambrosia. Many blessings,


Writer, director, photographer and avid music enthusiast. Oh, and gourmet cook too...LOL. Big fan of the classic, elegant and romantic melodies of the 30's 40's and 50's. Love jazz/Big Band. Oh, and (yes, why not?) I'd like to share some of my photography with you...