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Crazy-J's real name is Jason Teeters. Jason is 43 years old, is located in Ohio / USA and has been a SingSnap member since January 17, 2011. He has a total of 770 public recordings that have been viewed 82,874 times.

Hello SS friends

Hi Folks....I am happily married, and have one daughter who is now 17. They are my everything!! I love them very much!!
I also love music...I have been singing ever since I could talk...I started playing guitar and drums at age 6 and I haven't stopped ever since. I am a singer/songwriter/poet and I have written many songs over the years. I have been writing songs from age 12 to present day. I have also played in many bands. Lately I've been playing gigs myself, and loving it. I got tired of trying to fit in with new bands. So now I do my own thing. I also love jamming for fun. No stress just jamming, and creating music. I love all music,but I mainly only sing rock songs. I can sing Rock, Country, R&B, 40's big band,new songs,old songs....I love them all.....I can even rap. lol I'm glad I found this site.I have made many friends here in singsnap land. It's like one big family. I love you all Now I've been painting on canvas too. I enjoy doing many different kinds of art. I also love to do landscaping. I make garden ponds with waterfalls, and pondless waterfalls. I just enjoy creating things. But the best creator of all is God. We are blessed to have such a beautiful world to live on. The sunset, and the stars, and the moon. Everywhere we look there is beauty. Even the small things if you give them time, and take a look. Anyway......Thank you all for stopping by, and giving me a listen. I appreciate you all. I've been very busy lately, and I try to make it around to listen, and comment. But if I take awhile please know that it's not by choice. I just have a lot going on. Dream On, and Keep Singing, and Love Life. God Bless