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cowgirlblueeyes' real name is Shawn H. Shawn is 54 years old, is located in Oklahoma / USA and has been a SingSnap member since January 24, 2008. She has a total of 69 public recordings that have been viewed 6,946 times and 78 achievement points.

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i live in a state shaped like a frying pan...AND I HATE TO COOK!!! i am naturally blonde and went to college...i have 8 beautiful children and 2 grandbabies!!! THE LIGHT OF MY LIFE ALL OF THEM...NO i didn't have them all...i raised up some foster kids that I WILL FOREVER CALL AND TREAT AS MY OWN!

i love to sing...if i ever do get out and sing it is at the bar and everyone loves you there...THEIR DRUNK everyone sounds good..lmaooo i do sing at my church...Southern Baptists..ya know...the old time songs...i'll throw one out there that is new and get a few raised eyebrows...SHOCK VALUE I LOVE IT!!!

i am just me and you won't get anything out of me that is not the honest "pinky promise" "cross my heart" answer...i would rather hurt your feelings and tell ya the truth..than to lie to ya and lose yer friendship forever!

my quote: NEVER ASS U ME anything

a friend told me about singsnap and I LOVE IT...I have sooooo many AWESOME friends I met here!!!!!

a very special thank you to my very new friend REBELBOY123 for showin me some of the ropes!!
The video below I is of and for my nephew Brett and My brother and his family...just wanted to share it with you...lot of the songs i plan on signin remind me of him...SING IT AGAIN AUNT SHAWN!!!! i miss him more and more everyday...hope you enjoy it! RIP BABY!!! I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!
i will be posting some duets and i would love it if you would sing along with me!

You're The Reason God Made Oklahoma
Let's Make Love
Easy For Me To Say
My Elusive Dreams
Here We Go Again
Does He Love You (Reba's Part)
Maybe Not Tonight
September When It Comes
The Bull and The Beaver

What A Wonderful World

Just You and I

I Pity The Fool

I Know Him So Well

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