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CatColvin is 69 years old, is located in Florida / USA and has been a SingSnap member since September 24, 2008. She has a total of 100 public recordings that have been viewed 4,096 times and 185 achievement points.

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I am a southern born grandmother. Niece of Mr. Bill Monroe, the Father of Bluegrass. So I love bluegrass. Mandolin player and fun lover....Let's Sing. In May of 2015 I went into total kidney failure. I spent months in the hospital. And a rehabilitation center to learn to walk again. I am on dialyze now, and learned all the friends I had just abandoned me. I am now working to get a transplant. I have to raise $4850-00 to show I can pay for meds, before they will let me have a kidney.


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I am a southern born and raised lady. I lived in the North Carolina mountains, and that is where I learned my love of music. I am the niece of Bill Monroe, the father of bluegrass. And I learned bluegrass music through him and his brother Charlie.
I live in Florida now, but am looking into moving home to the mountains. Getting a big house with a view of the mountains. I love being able to have snow, in the winter, and I still will play in it...YIKES...OLD LADY SNOW BUNNY. I just can't fall back in the snow to make an angel, or I will BE with the Getting old here. I love people, and singsnap. I have sang in several quartets and would again in a minute.

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imikimi - sharing creativity

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