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Carpy is located in USA and has been a SingSnap member since April 4, 2007. Carpy has a total of 4 public recordings that have been viewed 772 times and 8 achievement points.

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<!--You guys are the best!!! Please come visit us at our artist member sight (Snapsmedia) here on singsnap.... <!--


To finish an Event Center to the world, and help many of our youth, that our corrupt government, bankers, Courts, and large corporations & lobbyists have sold out for their pieces of silver, and future damnation!

Lord willing, It will be finished May 31st 2011. But the future started 3 years ago with over 50 different youth involved to date.


I'VE never loved SingSnap more!!! And what A great social sight. Such a vast make-up of people, personalities, and talent.

There are the GIFTED singers that flock together, and wonder why they let people like me on SingSnap. Yeah, I have had the best singers, treat me like a singing leper at times, and I have had some of them treat me with such beautiful and kind remarks. Like many others, I have many God given gifts, and singing just isn't one of them. Be careful not to judge people beyond a simple physical trait.

Next up are the BOILERPLATE commentors. Listen, paste your same old text over, and over if that is your pleasure. I really think that is a blessing of this sight too. Sometimes that is what trips peoples trigger. Personally I think you are missing out by not taking your time and listening to the gorgeous voices here.

Now for the beautiful KINDRED SPIRITS. These are some of my most cherished. Truly beautiful people that find other like minded caring people. They would do anything for each other and must feel like they have found another wonderful brother or sister.

Did I mention the HEAT SEEKERS. They are scouting hot prospects for one reason or another. But the beautiful thing is there have been many incredible relationships, and marriages because of SS. Yeah, there is a down side to, but that could happen anywhere so I like to think of the positive.

Did I mention the MISFITS....enough said....get a life!

Finally, there are a special caliber of KIND HEARTED beautiful people that you thank God for having the priviledge to meet. And I have been fortunate to meet many of you. You carry me and yes like the song says: YOU ARE THE WIND BENEATH MY WINGS!!!


I left this member "Carpy" two years ago, dealing with my wife's battle with cancer. I'm rejuvinated, and ready to make some wonderful new memories. I'll be on much less, so I will savor each moment I share again with you, my dear friends. Hope to be back and starting a fun new chapter with you by April 2010...

P.S. During the last two years I was away, I attempted to build what I called a singing Scrapbook on my other sight "USAFACE". My wife's condition highlighted a need to capture some life moments and leave them for my loved ones because we never know our time alloted here on Earth. However, it proved frustrating to do, and impossible with SingSnap dropping songs because of their licensing issues. I lost many precious memories because of that, and last weekend closed "USAFACE". I did leave a couple of songs up just for the memories of the beautiful people I met there.......Hope to see many of them soon here. Carpy... -->