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Bruce_Simbuck is located in New York / USA and has been a SingSnap member since September 23, 2010. He has a total of 1,709 public recordings that have been viewed 83,818 times.

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I am 68 years old; I've been happily married to my wife since 1979; and, in 2010, found the time to enjoy myself after retiring from the same governmental regulatory/enforcement agency with 31 years of service.

I have never had the guts to sing in front of anyone publicly, or in the presence of anyone except a few musician friends back in the 70's, and three times at karaoke events years ago when fueled with enough beer.

The sum of my singing has consisted only of bellowing in the shower as a teenager and during nearly three decades of catterwauling to myself in many a long drive across the big state of Noo Yawk to keep me awake getting to and from job sites.

Until a few years ago only a few immediate family members (primarily my two sons, Nolan and Bret) and very close friends were even aware of my "hobby" discovered when I stumbled across Sing Snap after searching the Internet for karaoke tracks to try my hand at singing solo.

While initially discouraged by a lack of feedback after recording songs here and about to give up my membership, Dalizardlady, GentlySwaying, MikeL, TinaCrowell, Patch01, tx_gal and happytoes posted messages that encouraged me to stick around.

Friends like pisces17 (Carol); Willie (locovocal); and Maggie (Footprinzes), and Sheila Ann have spurred me on to keep trying, and I think that my timing is getting to the point where I'm satisfied that my attempts to sing are improving, especially on Open Duets, which is what really matters to me.

Thanks also to the many other members who have taken the time to listen and comment on my songs; your visits and comments really are appreciated, and I read every one and try to respond to every post and privately message the member who was kind enough to provide the valuable feedback.

Keep singing and enjoying yourselves; your families; and your friends, my fellow Sing Snappers!