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BrotherGary's real name is Gary Gideon. Gary is 63 years old, is located in Ohio / USA and has been a SingSnap member since December 30, 2007. He has a total of 68 public recordings that have been viewed 33,426 times and 40 achievement points.

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I am just a simple common man, living one day at a time, encouraging
others to love one another. A good friend has been telling me about
SingSnap for months, yet I never really bothered to check it out until
a couple of days ago. WOW! Now I am surely addicted. LOL! It is very
difficult to get away from this web site for sure. I look forward to
the New Year here on SingSnap, as well as meeting a whole new group of
friends. For the time being, I have learned to customize this profile
by snatching things from my MySpace profile. Feel free to visit me on Facebook & also on MySpace, YouTube and GodTube.
To view my MySpace profile, you will need to add me as a friend first,
and you will need to know my last name or email address in order to add
me. (Gideon or StrictMaster4rt @

I am self employed. I own and drive my own taxicab in Cincinnati, Ohio. I drive the only Phat Taxi in

I am a webmaster. I enjoy building webpages and I enjoy helping
others when I have the time. I host several websites of my own,,, and I am the webmaster of and

I have a very flexible schedule. I am committed to the Lord, who is always in Control of my life and He

blesses me. I am not too fond of most preachers. I love God and I love striving to serve Him, yet I also know

that I will never be Righteous on my own. This was the whole reason Christ died for us, as a final sacrifice

to atone for our sins. I do my best to give Him all the Glory and recognition for which He so Rightfully

Deserves. I praise Him and give thanks for what He did for me. I praise Him and give thanks for what He

continues to do for me in my life each and every day. Without Him, I am nothing. Nothing would please me

more, than to be able to set a Righteous example for Him 24/7. However, if I were capable of doing that (even

today), then He would not have needed to die for me on Calvary in the first place. I am Righteous only

because of Him, because I acknowledge that I am a sinner, and I accept Him as my Lord

and Savior.

If preachers would focus more time on teaching the church to Love One Another and less time on telling

everyone how they are going to go to hell if they don't do this or that, this world would be a much better

place to live. Teach your flock to Read God's Word and leave the "Saving" up to The


I have one question to ask all the preachers out there. If you are so Right in the eyes of

The Lord, why are you not having the Faith that HE will bring folks to conviction as They Read His


Read My Story
(I am

ashamed of these 30 churches)

I encouarge folks to write to inmates who are currently incarcerated.

If you truly want a Blessing from The Lord, take a moment to write a letter to someone in

jail or prison. You'd be amazed at how appreciative most are, simply because you brought a smile to their

face and caused them to feel loved, if even for a moment.

I have many inmates listed on my web site, who never ever get any mail from ANYONE! They are lonely,

and some might even die in prison. Would it really kill you to take 30 minutes out of your precious life, to

do something exceptionally nice for another human being who has nobody else to encourage them?

My Outreach Love Ministry