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Bram's Profile Page


Bram's real name is Abraham Santoso. Abraham is 72 years old, is located in Switzerland and has been a SingSnap member since April 6, 2007. He has a total of 1,709 public recordings that have been viewed 92,793 times and 317 achievement points.

Hallo friends! My name is Abraham Santoso, but just call me Bram

(updated 10th July 2017)

My first contact with website karaoke was back to 2006, found a wonderful one named SingSHOT. There I've met with many wonderful cyber friends who just doing the same reason: the love to sing.
Unfortunately, for a business reason, SingSHOT has to be sold and the new owner made some change including its name, the new name was SimsOnStage.
SimsOnStage couldn't last long, they closed down totally that beautiful karaoke site. Many of its members migrated to SingSNAP, including me.
Beside SingSNAP, I also joined a german website karaoke named TalentRun but that site has a serious financial trouble, after about one year there, they announced their closure...TalentRun is dead.
I also joined in TheKaraokeChannel, but after one year I gave up my membership for some technical reason: I don't feel comfortable with its mixer. For me SingSNAP mixer is the best.

Here in SingSNAP my feeling is like having a reunion if every time I meet again with my longtime friends from SingSHOT/SimsOnStage (and from TheKaraokeChannel too)
It is really a happiness to meet with some people here in SingSNAP, whose have the same joy to sing, long time friends from those dead karaoke sites or new found friends, good voice or bad voice, can sing or cannot sing, old one or young one.......what ever gender they are.......
Friendship through singing is that the matter most.

Now a short description about me:
Was born in Indonesia (1949)
Stone sculptor
Marriage to Marianne a Swiss, moved to Switzerland (1980)
Blessed with 2 sons, 1 wonderful Australian daughter in law, no grand children yet.

That's all for now, Folks!