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BonnieK4506LEVEL 97


February 14'th. My 5'th year here. It's been lots of fun! Amazing place this SingSnap!

BonnieK4506 is 64 years old, is located in USA and has been a SingSnap member since February 14, 2016. She has a total of 650 public recordings that have been viewed 170,857 times and 899 achievement points.

I have always loved to sing. I was a first lead soprano in everything they had in high school back then. I've also been in a few bands (country in Lincoln, NE and jazz in OKC, OK) down through the decades since the late 70's and even right before I found SingSnap. So glad I found this place! It's been a lot of fun so far! I do play guitar and piano.

Please sing with me any time on any song you like! I LOVE that!! It's so much fun to hear what you do with them!

A lot of you have asked about my sound "system". It's just an Audio-Technica condenser microphone run through an "Icycle" that plugs it into my laptop. All the Icycle has is a gain knob and phantom power for the microphone. I use MMSB on SingSnap and that's it. I sing with a JBL soundbar in front of me under a TV on the wall. I like works for me after singing in bands even though the sound was more behind me then. My mic doesn't pick up much sound in the back at all, made sure I got one like that. That's it. Camera on a tripod on a computer desk. Cordless mouse. "Bad" lighting. That's the secret, that's all I've ever used. ''

Did you know that they play pre records on the radio! LOL! Some of those are VERY old too! I enjoy your songs and I don't care what decade you sang them! LOL!

Still working my construction business of 46 years. I grew up working on houses and barns and tearing off shingles and re roofing skating rinks and homes with my Dad/Grandpa/Uncle who were all custom home builders in the 50's and 60's...went from there to working for 14 awesome contractors in OKC doing 10,000 sq. ft. customs, new and old office buildings, auditoriums, brand new vo tech schools, new housing additions, new 3 story apartments! Then I came back here 31 years ago and took over the family building business. This business keeps me really busy with estimating, running to the "cities" after supplies and things for the jobs, doing the jobs start to finish, working a 65 mile radius of where I live, cleaning up tools and spray rigs and buckets when I get home. Hauling things to the trucks/trailers/paint vehicles. Loading and unloading. No end to it. Keeping things straightened out here too in the 3 buildings it's all in. $25,000 worth of tools and equipment! At least. Replacing some nail guns as we speak. We wear stuff out! I still work quite a bit! And we have a farm and horses and hay to put up and all that goes with it.

I always return listens but I don't always get to them as quickly as some. Thanks for your patience and understanding...and for stayin' with me! Quality over quantity any old days. Hugs! I still work a LOT. We are just about done with the room addition on the river bluff. Just building the deck and stairway down now. Also in the middle of another room addition in town.

Update 12/22/20
Working on a 3 room floor refinishing job not too far away this time. Should be done this evening unless they need a 4'th coat of finish. Most of them don't though but these were very soft type oak and they might. We'll see.

Going to work around here this week and get a few vehicles fixed up again. We drive a lot of older trucks (4) and cars (2), but they are nice. We try to do most of the work on them when we can. We can keep pretty busy most of the time!

We've picked up a few jobs for winter now. I've never had a lot of winter work here, that's why we go like crazy in the summers. I have 8 jobs for next summer already. Doesn't take long to book those up!

Keep singing everyone! Have some FUN!


I try to have fun but almost everything I've tried the wrenches get thrown in. I hope that doesn't happen but if it does I'll deal with it I always have before...I will again. Life can be so much sad for so many of us. The happys don't even know.

"We don’t shine best when we’re standing on the mountaintop. We shine best when we’ve been kicked to the curb, and forgotten, and left alone to burn, and we still choose to fight like hell and rise from the ashes and build ourselves all over again.

We don’t shine best when we’re popular. We shine best when we’ve been left out, and told ‘sorry, this table’s full,’ and we choose to get out our hammer and nails and build a new table and include everyone who has ever been left standing on the outside looking in.

We don’t shine best when things are easy. We don’t shine best when the roads are pre-paved and already cleared for us.

We shine best when life is hard, and we don’t let it harden us."