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bolsyLEVEL 75


Merry Chriatmas Everyone ??????????????????????????????

bolsy is located in England and has been a SingSnap member since June 22, 2015. She has a total of 5,541 public recordings that have been viewed 138,062 times and 473 achievement points.

Hi I am...I live in Belfast,County Antrim, Northern Ireland (UK) , originally from Davao, Philippines.
Music is a part of my life. I sing when I am happy, sad and blue.
I love Karaoke, as I love music in general
Music is self expression, my motivation and boredom buster.
Music is Life......“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent”
Victor Hugo...
Thanking you friends for all the hearts . Have a day full of LOVE
Sing along to a song in your head, and you’ll activate your premotor cortex, which helps plan and coordinate movements. Dance along, and your neurons will synchronize with the beat of the music. Pay close attention to the lyrics and instrumentation, and you’ll activate your parietal cortex, which helps you shift and maintain attention to different stimuli. Listen to a song that triggers personal memories, and your prefrontal cortex, which maintains information relevant to your personal life and relationships, will spring into action.

A big big Thank-you to those of you that visit and lovely comments too To the friends I.met here who brightens my day and made me laugh and smile in chat and all.
It sure makes a lot of difference to my day to day life x


I am in Singsnap because I love music, I love to sing and I love to interact with people with same interest. I love being here, and treasure all the lovely people I meet and chatted with. I always look at the good sides and beauty in everyone, I can only wish for the genuine friends to meet here. Not here to look for anything, I am here to have fun singing and enjoy music, hope no one will spoil it for me. I love to meet many many friends in here, and when you are my friend you are in my heart for life.
Enjoy singing and listening guys, cos I for sure love it here

Garden of Falsity.

I beckon thee, to come visit me, in the garden of virility.
Where men are carved from your darkest fantasy;
and the women spun from your forbidden cupidity.

Where carnal knowledge is given freely;
and is taken just as quickly.

Oh dearest, infatuation;
given your love and lust till they blur and swirl.

Good sir.
Oh, Sweet madam.
Lost in the down wards spiral of your avidity.

I beckon thee, to play with me, in our hectic world of make believe.
Where women are carved out of false trickery;
and the men spun from wicked forgery.
Where nothing seems to be, what it is.

The garden of falsity.

Thank you Karen;