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Binky-'s real name is BrendaKay -<img src="" alt="">. BrendaKay is 120 years old, is located in Texas / USA and has been a SingSnap member since February 16, 2007. She has a total of 95 public recordings that have been viewed 12,182 times and 36 achievement points.

"Binky's Sezz"
~ Welcome 2 my Lane on Singsnap "Hi there im just a good ole southern girl that giggles alot I used to be really shy, i still am but something wonderful happened! My Best Friend convinced me to try sing on Paltalk & walla here I am! "My Favorite entertainer is ELVIS, ELVIS, ELVIS ***I love Doo Wop, Oldies, and most any kind of music!!

__ It is my hearts desire to make others smile or feel good. My kids tease me & say I'm like a Walmart Greeter in everything I do or say (giggles). If you enjoy or get a grin on any of my songs then I have succeeded in my quest. Thank u very much for stoppin' into my "lane" I you all.

My friend ”JimReeves_Tribute Artist” told me about SingSnap Thank You so much my friend!!

Thank You PA' (Noelsgrandpa) for all your help!You are such a blessing woot! woot!

Also Thank You to "BrotherGary" for taking the time, to help other's with their Song Pages.
To (Dennis) He has the theme shack for everyone to use it is awesome.


I use several themes and Sisters By Design is one of them.
I also use Design's By Mar


*I luv My Friend's *



Welcome to my Lane on SingSnap!

I NEED Music!

I am in need of music that would flow.
Over my fretful, feeling fingertips,
Over my bitter-tainted, trembling lips,

With melody, deep, clear, and liquid-slow..

Oh, for the healing swaying, old and low,
Of some song sung to rest the tired dead,
A song to fall like water on my head,
And over quivering limbs, dream flushed to glow!

There is a magic made by melody:
A spell of rest, and quiet breath, and cool
Heart, that sinks through fading colors deep
To the subaqueous stillness of the sea,
And floats forever in a moon-green pool,
Held in the arms of rhythm and of sleep.

by Elizabeth Bishop

Hi I want to leave "HeartPrints" wherever I go!
Music can Heal the Soul
whatever our ears hear
touches deep inside.

In our Hearts, In our Minds,
whether it be Happy,Sad.
Rock,Doo Wop or some other
artist that you LOVE, Come & share
Touch deep inside the HEART.

Find the Joy of Song and Laughter
Music is the Reason I found you!
Happy are the friends I've met.

Hope that you Feel it in your SOUL!


"Some Awards I Received!"

more coming soon!......I hope... lol

I love My Grandbabies!

She is my little doll, yet busy and fast as lightening! What a gift to me. Wonders never cease to amaze me with everything that my grandbabies give me!

testing stuff always lol

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Novella is Definately better than a novelette (grins) I heart you girlie!!!

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