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BillyFredrick's real name is William Fredrick Hontz Sr. William Fredrick is 79 years old, is located in Pennsylvania / USA and has been a SingSnap member since February 4, 2009. He has a total of 5 public recordings that have been viewed 3,527 times and 11 achievement points.

Thank You For Listening And Commenting On My Site! If You Notice That You Don't See Thank You Comments Other Than Here It's Because I Will Be By Your Site To Thank You Personally And For Your Kind Words. And Also To Repay You For Listening To My Songs! It Takes Me Time To Get To All My Dear Friends But I Will Be There! H5's, Hugs! And GBY
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I love music And Karaoke, Life without music would be like... death? I'm married To A Beautiful Woman Who Loves The Lord And w/ children & grandchildren, And Great Grand Children whom I love dearly. But First & foremost, I love my Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ, the most amazing Man I've ever met, without Him, all else is futile...
I do have a sense of humor, But please don't mistake my humor or friendly comments for anything other than that... just here to sing, have fun & meet new friends who share the love of Karaoke music As I Do. I do eventually get around to returning listens & comments, though not as promptly as I'd like to, unfortunately, I do have other priorities in life, lol...that just sucks because I could spend every waking moment listening & singing. Soooo, yeah, that's about it...Now go sing already!!!

I didn't write my profile for pity. I don’t need or want pity. I get all I want and need from my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Second, I hate fry pans, Lol! If you are a Facebook or a Myspace Ksolo karaoke friend from the old days when Ksolo was my favorite karaoke site and if you read my status skit jokes from back then, you know why. I have a loving Wife but love making up jokes with us in them, Lolrodg! I love to lead sing, electronics, guitar and love to listen to most types of music. But my first love now is karaoke. Karaoke brings back memories of the bands I use to play Guitar and lead sing for in my younger years. I have stage two diabetes and take glyburide for it. I also have a bad thyroid and take Levothyroxine NA. I have two sleep disorders,#1. Narcolepsy, Which I have four symptoms out of five of this disorder. They are, 1. Extreme Tiredness And Sleepiness. 2. Automatic behavior. 3. Sleep Paralyses. 4. Severe Cataplexy. The #2 Sleep Disorder is called Sleep Apnea. I had throat surgery done for this instead of using a c-pap machine. I like a dummy opt for surgery. They burned part of my throat away and my uvula so I can breath at night. But it affected my vocals when I try to sing I get very dry that my voice freezes and then I cant swallow and so it makes me gag and I must stop singing wet my mouth and throat and start over again. And if you listen really close you will hear me having trouble pronouncing certain words because the Uvula they burned out of my throat, you know, that thingy in the back of your throat that hangs down and seems to do nothing well, let me tell you its there for a reason.
I have a plastic vein transplant in my left leg which caused me a neuropathy in my left leg with numbness at some parts of my leg and at times especially when I walk I have a lot of pain and weakness due to them hitting a nerve when they operated on me . On 01\30\09 I got results from my V.A. Heart Doctor. I, in my adult years (46 Years Old) had a heart attack and I have had coronary blood vessel disease and at one of my Doctor visit he said the left side of my heart at present is working at 46% Fraction( This Is Not Good But Some Patients Hearts Are Only Pumping At 20% Fraction. See It Could Be Worse) which affects my whole body but is in my legs back and hips more so. The right side of my heart is fine but the left side doesn’t pump enough blood sufficiently which makes me extremely tired when I exert myself. I have had all the needed tests run ultra sound test on my neck on both arteries because they too are blocked I don’t yet know how bad .Also I have had ultra sound done on both legs because of blockage there and to make sure its not gotten worse. Also they now put me on double the beta blockers for my heart. And also put me on Isosorbide Dinitrate and once again I must carry nitro Glycerin for chest pain (Angina). I also go for blood work in April .02-07-2012 ; My V.A. Doc Called Me With Bad News I Had Doppler To Legs And Neck Done Last Week! There More Blocked Than 2009 When I Had The Last Tests Done. I Have A Lot Of Pain And Get Short Of Breath When I Carry Groceries from Car Or Walk More Than 20 Feet! They Gave Me Pain Meds Now! He Wanted Me To See A Vascular Doctor But I Refuse! He Made Me Promise If My Condition Gets Any Worse To Let Him Know Right Away! I Must Also Watch My Legs And Feet For Any Blackness Or Any Type Of Blistering Or Sores To Call Him Immediately! Please Keep Me In Your Prayers! Hugs! GBYA!
So there’s the whole story. And also because I cant walk far without Pain I use a handicap buggy and on some days I use my cane. I also Have Severe F.M.S. That's a pain syndrome. Which is in many parts of my body but it also gives me extreme pain and problem walking. So, when I want to go for a walk to enjoy myself without pain I use my four wheel buggy (Its My Hog), Just bought a brand new one Woo Hoo!, LOL. (see my photo's) I’m also gifted with I.B.S. I love to play guitar but is a bit hard on my fingers due to my buddy Arthur, yep Arthritis, lol. Well with that all said and out of the way I guess you could say I’m a big pain. If you don’t believe me ask my wife Carole, lol. But that’s another story. Oh and if ya look at my pictures I’m really not a biker. (I'd love to be though I use to love to ride motor bikes When I Was Young )I took that picture just for fun to do the song Born To Be Wild. I have to redo it soon cause it was fun. I like reading the Bible with my wife in the evenings. We read the Bible even if I get her mad at me with something stupid I did or said that day. I am a Grandfather With seven Grand children three Girls four boys whom I love all dearly. We also raised four boys and one loving Daughter. I'm a Great Grandfather to my Granddaughters Autumn and Bethany and now Brandy! Bethany who has Twin Boy‘s, Mathew and Morgan. And Autumn who has two girls, Alayea And a newborn Kianna. And two boys Jaydin and Camden. Brandy has one boy Gabriel. Wow, Where did the years go? Ok enough about me now tell me something about yourself, lol. I like to chat and talk to people all over the world mostly by cam. As My Youngest Son Dave Always Said It's Better Den Walkin Ta Meet Ya, Lol! So here is my Facebook page come chat at me,!/WilliamFredrickHontzSr
And ya don’t have at turn your cam on but you can see me If Ya Want but I cant see you and we can hear each other and talk like were on the phone and so this way I don’t have to type , Lol! (I HATE TYPING). My youngest Son Dave Has Passed Away In Feb. 2012 and my family and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts sweet friend’s for all the love and support you have shown me and my family, Hugs! GBY! Love You all so much in Christ! I would just like to tell you this is our third child we lost! We Lost The Oldest Boy Jimmy To A Rare Cancer. Our Third Oldest Son Joe (Who Wrote And Sang This Song For His Brother Dave) Had Cancer But Survived And Our Oldest Daughter Sherrie From Crib Death, And Of Course Our Youngest Son Had Brain Damage From A Car Accident And Like Many With This Type Of Injury He Committed Suicide. Satan will never turn us against God! three strikes Satan Your Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We Win In Christ! Thank you Jesus! fly with your Sister And Brother David My Beloved Son. I quote his beloved wife my precious daughter in law Joycelyn, Fly With The Angels David! I Love you Jocelyn and I Love you my dear Grand Children we will stay even closer to God now more then ever! Hugs! GBYA! Heal Our Hearts Jesus, Amen And Amen!