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BethAlto is 59 years old, is located in USA and has been a SingSnap member since October 1, 2013. BethAlto has a total of 1,168 public recordings that have been viewed 47,213 times and 265 achievement points.

update~~-- wow, if people listen to my songs just 52 more times, they will have listened to my songs 20 thousand times. (jan. 26th) ... i love you guys!!
********************************* 22,000 listens today. (20 april...) *****surpassed 22,222 listens today. (april 29th)
...over 24,000 views today.. august 16/2015 //25,000 views (11 oct 2015)// 26,000(november 29th) 27,000 listens as of dec. 23rd. tnk uu! ---28,000 views, (sometime in the 1st week in february 2016) over 29,000 times now. thanks. (march 12/'16) (over 30,000 / may 1st) (31,000/end of july) ..12sept/32,000 listens) (it's november 2016, and it's just over 33,000 listens) ..33,417.november10th) 34,000 dec. 3rd.... 35,000...january 2017... 36,000...march2017 -38,000 october2017 over 40,000 views. 40,205 as of may 22,2018 41,000--sept. 2018 //42,000 nov. 2018 ///42,800 views as of april 29/2019. ... 42,900 views as of may 3rd. ~~~43,000.. may 18th./2019 ///songs listened to over 44,000 times, as of dec. 21st 2019./////45,000 as of april 9th. 2020. 45,999 july 25th2020.

--well, today's that day... 950 songs listened to 20,000 times. -wednesday, jan. 28th. (2015) .... just marking a milestone. thanks everyone. ..... 38,998 listens as of/jan 15,2018

***************************** (the current tally: from jan.28 - february 28 my songs were listened to a thousand times.) one month. 1,000 listens. tnks.

*** feeelin' the love! 1,000 songs as of today. listened to 20,700 times!!
thanks y'all . sing snap i love you! is it any coincidence it's valentines day??
-Febraury 14, 2015

-2014 notes...
*****thank you all for listening to my songs 15,000 (fifteen thousand!!! arrrr, 16,000.. times!!!)

about to hit a year, of singing on singsnap --october 2nd. -(2014)--
love you singsnap. *great community* so fun. . keep singing. i'm listening to you as well!!

**********************thank you for all your listens. 17,000 as of oct. 24th. (2014) /-18,000 as of dec. 1st. 19,000. january 2nd. (20 thousand, jan. 28th)

in case you're wondering. you are my muse. it's from listening to others on singsnap, that i get my inspiration.

i appreciate any listen. and if you liked it, please comment.

750 (now 800!!) songs!! ..sung from oct '13 til now.

the update: ~~~~~ 945 songs. .january 2015..)

(i think i'm hooked on singsnap